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  1. Yep! Some people get too caught up in the box score without actually watching entire games to know the stories behind those box scores. Fantasy football is all about production so it's all that matters at the end of the day.. but the Richardson panic has been out of control
  2. Its only a preseason game, but he looked better than Ivory tonight and Powell seems to have the support of his coaches and teammates. Reports are he has been one of the teams best leaders throughout camp.
  3. So because Dickson might miss week 1, Rotoworld says he is no longer draftable? This is why Rotoworld's analysis is a joke...do they not realize there are 16 weeks in a season? I wasn't planning on drafting him even in my leagues that roster 20+, so he's definitely off my draft day radar now. I do, however, agree with what you're saying about rotoworld. I check the news app on my phone all the time but I don't listen to their draft/trade advice
  4. DeAngelo Williams might be the buy low here, plus he can actually be bought "low." Most Stewart owners still value him at ceiling prices.
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