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  1. I can’t seem to get this to work on my phone browser. Can someone go through all the steps necessary to do this?
  2. Thanks so much! Both articles are amazing and really helpful also!
  3. Hi @Joe Bryant @Sigmund Bloom @Jene Bramel just wondering if and when both of these amazing rookie IDP dynasty features will be published on the main website. Thanks for all the hard work in doing this!
  4. Hence why a bunch of us including TheWinz were trying to explain to you why the contest this year is sort of flawed. Both of those teams have 0 players from the Divisional Round and in any other year would have been eliminated with a score of 0 in Week 1 of the playoffs. Same goes for the team that TheDope said is his...also had no players and would have been cut if there was any cut line (even just 0.1 for the week). Now do you understand what we all tried to explain. Most people (even you to a degree) put some of their money on players who played in Week 1 because everyone needed t
  5. The prices for NO made a lot of sense if you felt NO would be a Súper bowl team because you got 3 weeks of them playing and they would theoretically score for you in all the weeks and make it a bit easier to advance each week. Why they now seems very skewed is because not only did NO lose, but their points didn’t even count in week 1 due to the low amount of entries. A lot of people will choose 1 of the wild card week teams as a Super Bowl team because they score 4 weeks worth of points from them. So FBG has always made those “favorites to make it far” like NO a very high price.
  6. Thanks for at least coming in here to see what is going on. Unfortunately I do think this person is fishing you. And here is why I reacted and feel this way... Because this user went and changed the title of this thread to include "chili tasting" which I now see has been edited back by the FBG Moderator. A serious user would not be doing that when there is so much contention in this thread. Looking at the comments from @Jello_Biafra and @Dr. Dan and @Arodin and @Dr. Octopus and @need2know and @wakelawyer and @voiceofunreason and @Twenty-Four Eighty-Four and @jmo87usc and @jtd13
  7. To be EXTRA CLEAR... I want "the lone star" banned FIRST AND FOREMOST. Then all of his ridiculous threads to be removed at this point. What I am saying is that he is posting hypothetical nonsense and bumping his threads to the top and cluttering the boards and taking away from good meaningful discussion which is what I hope you want this community to be about. I now sent a follow up e-mail to your owners @Joe Bryant and @David Dodds letting them know my feelings. Why is your company (and you with this follow up question) beating around the bush and not handling an issue tha
  8. Hello Moderator, I have now reported this thread (especially with the useless bumps that "the lone star" seems to do to get all of his useless threads on the front page). I also wrote a note to both @Joe Bryant and @David Dodds about this user explaining how these threads that he starts are taking away from real discussion about NFL Draft prospects for Dynasty leagues which is what this community wants with less than 2 weeks until the draft. I was honest with them and let them know I will be pulling my subscription and getting a bunch of my friends to pull theirs as well if this
  9. There seems to be a problem with IDP where the LB’s are not in their own category (DL and DB are) and only show up as Flex. Is this something that can be fixed?
  10. My championship game in 2014. My good friend has AJ Green playing against Pittsburgh on the Sunday Night final game of the season in Week 17. Cincinnati is driving while down 17-20 with about 5 minutes to go. This is for the AFC North Division Title and a bye in real life. Dalton is locked into Green. I am up 239.45 to 236.40 at the moment. Green gets a 6 yard catch and I am only up 239.45 to 238.00 and then 2 plays later Green gets a short catch and takes it for 17 yards and I conceded the game by losing 239.45 to 239.70 BUT just as I was heartbroken it turns out that Green is hit by Antwon B
  11. Been paying for over 10 years. Use the DD for redrafts, 10 second primer on game days, MFL discount for my dynasty league. I am old school IDP dynasty and some IDP redraft (not the past 3 years though). I don’t do any FanDuel or Daily Fantasy gambling and feel that the focus has shifted towards that. I hardly read the articles (except a few dynasty and IDP ones). I feel the forums are sort of like Rotoworld (which I personally read more than the subscriber articles). I read their site and these forums to get up to date info on players and teams...the articles are not timely enou
  12. I brought this up in the other thread...but since everyone is mentioning the “farm team” to be a staffer...that is one of the reasons the boards have declined. By losing the posters to become staff (don’t get me wrong...they all deserve it) it takes away from here in the forums. I would love to see them back and posting more often as it leads to more discussion for me to read. I personally sign up every year just for the DD (when I used to do redraft), 10 second primer, and MFL discount. I never read the articles (except Bloom 100 and Bramel Tiers) as I play exclusively IDP dynasty n
  13. Joe, I am a long time lurker and subscriber for well over 10 years to your site...here is what I have noticed over the past years and why these boards are not nearly the same as they used to be (take this all constructively). A few years ago there were a ton of great posters such as SSOD (know as Adam Harsted) and others of the same who would post a ton of great info. Along the way either you or another site (in the case of Chicago Arch) takes them away from the forums and hires them as staff. By making them staff you took all their great content away from the forums and put them beh
  14. For some reason the pre-draft Bloom 100 was taken down...usually you keep it on the site even after the draft? Also...when is his post-draft version going up...I am guessing today based on the pre-draft one disappearing over the weekend? Lastly...will we get a Bramel rookie tiers with IDP article again this year...really hoping he can do one as it is the most useful article for this time of year?
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