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  1. Who are you calling a tool kupcho???!?!?1111juan

  2. Wit, intelligence, and a tushy you could bounce quarters off of. If it weren't for a tragic lettuce incompatibility, I'd think I'd found my soul mate.

  3. The raw sexual energy of a WASPY Antonio Banderas.

  4. Truly, a five tool poster. And I mean that in the very best possible way.

  5. A picture says a thousand words.

  6. One of these days he'll show those annoying little rodents who's boss.

  7. would like to keep you in my fanny pack

  8. A very smart man uses a tumbler. It takes a genius to move to peanut butter jars. Bravo, sir.

  9. Tickles my ivories like no other. Grrrr!

  10. In private, will tell you he knows NOTHING about biology.

  11. Brings new meaning to the sobriquet "golden throat."

  12. The Santa Clause of porn.

  13. He was everything I dreamed he could be. Assertive, yet gentle. Back off, FatMax!

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