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  1. Saw a trailer for the screen production of Asimov's, "Foundation" Starts September 23rd on Apple+ Anybody going to check this out?
  2. Not my point. I never called for no waiver period. I only sought to be able to pick up newly released players before their game started. Once the last game kicks off, all players are locked and go to the waiver wire. Thus the bidding process. My apologies for not being more clear on stuff I never typed.
  3. Ok, I'm a goofy drunk, not a dumb one (you may disagree ). I have made my point though. I see @Sinn Fein's point about the waivers being all or nothing. As a commissioner, I don't care about whether you make time for the league more than me or you don't. We all pay money to do this. Your level of participation is your choice. However, there is no way I would want to go in and set up all the settings required for what we've been posting about. I understand why things are the way they are and will drop the subject. At least we have consensus now Thanks to all ETA: If you have notifications on for when a player gets dropped, my advice would be to turn that off. All you're doing is filling up the inbox with emails about players you don't have to care about until Monday evening.
  4. Hey everybody, can we please get consensus to to be able to pick up any player at any time as long as their game hasn't started? I run two highly competitive magic football leagues. In both of those leagues, as soon as a player is dropped, he can be picked up by another team (as long as his game hasn't started). Why isn't it that way here? Please explain to me why I should have to wait until next Wednesday to pick up a player available right now.
  5. @Sinn Fein, now I have a provable situation with regards to players being able to be picked up immediately after they have been cut by another team. All of the players that have been cut are now free agents. However, I cannot go acquire any of them today. When I submit a claim for any of them, the notice informs me that the changes will take place for game week 2. This means that players are free agents but not available for immediate pick up. Will that setting be changed?
  6. @Sinn Fein, please replace Eze with Kristoffer Ajer (D) Brentford thanks
  7. I'm fine with @Sinn Feingetting Matip, but I sure as hell don't want Eze. Respectfully request to change picks not ETA: actually I'm not fine with it. This crap shouldn't happen in a live room with pre draft lists. I know it's not the commissioners but the site. It's still bull####
  8. Dude, I feel like I should drunk call them and bully whomever to sell me some https://youtu.be/B2SopWQTTYE
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