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  1. Quick note, my cover band name is: Sphincter Crickets When I showed up to my boat in Charleston, South Carolina, I met a "band" composed of crew members that had given themselves that name. I'm ripping their name in honor of SSN-660.
  2. Outside of, @chet, and I know there are a couple other people that have a ton of shares under $1 each, how many of us are holding capital gains positions now? I made some nice money last summer selling in and out of spots, but I still hold a piss ant 1000-shares (my original buy) at $1.34 per share from February last year. No matter what, it's been a fun ride and now I'm at the point of being one of the diamond sphincter types that rides this to the end. (Quote this line in bold and insert jokes here)
  3. Announcement Date: 2/03/2021 Ex-Div Date: 3/09/2021 Record Date: 3/10/2021 Pay Date: 4/06/2021 $0.10 / share (Quarterly) Thanks, @Desert_Power for the note about the quarterly div.
  4. Is anyone here part of the Fully Paid Lending Program that most of the brokerages offer?
  5. Not gonna bash Cramer but I will say he's out of touch. One morning last month I was home and watching that morning squawk show he's on. He told a story about needing a charging cord. As it went on, he solidified my belief. First he didn't know you could buy online and pick up. Next he went to Best Buy to pickup said order and saw a line to get in and couldn't understand why. Gets in line does his thing and leaves. Went on a tirade that Best Buy was purposely keeping customers out of the store (said he was in New Jersey). He's right, BB is keeping customers out. I'm sure there
  6. "this dollar store Louis CK looking ***** @@@ thinks YOURE a loser"
  7. My hopes that you can get even or better I haven't had time to look at all that's been submitted, but there could be a play here. ONCE AGAIN, I'm just some drunk rando on a board. I own no $AMC Just saw a summary of the legislation that was proposed.
  8. I'm not a person you should listen to, by the way This is the best thread on the webs when it comes to real actual information Thanks to all
  9. Yes, I'm sloshed, but here's a question. Caught a summary of the Congressional bill for CV-19 relief. Saw that several million will be available to venue operators that had been shut down. $AMC would fall under this category. Closed Friday @ $5.70
  10. Appreciate the post Schedule K's can mess up the tax machine. I manage to get by with them. Same with farm income and the strings attached to that. ETA: PBFX is a common stock traded on the NYSE
  11. Went looking around for some boring dividend stocks and found $PBFX -- PBF Logistics LP: micro-cap energy sector Closed at $12.24 with a 52-week high of $21.49 last February. Ex-div date is February 24th with a record date of Feb. 25th and payable March 17th at $.30 / share. This is a logistics company that deals with all types of energy movement and availability to various regions. I plan on keeping it through the summer or even fall just because of the vaccine and loosening of restrictions that allow people to travel en-masse again. Posting this on Sunday afternoon beca
  12. One symbol that I didn't list earlier for some reason, $AVLNF - Avalon Advanced Materials (Canadian Miner) Closed at $.2298 today. I'm going to wait out this one but have it on a watchlist to grab at a lower price. Also, this stonk is listed in Canada and there are no fees on Fidelity Note: I buy all my Pink Sheets on Fidelity and want any other people on that platform to know what I encounter. Not supporting them, just relaying the user experience.
  13. Here are some other symbols I'm going to do more research on for Rare Earth miners: UURAF ($50 foreign settlement fee on Fidelity) OROCF (going to wait for a lower price than $4.02) (No foreign settlement fee on Fidelity) LYSCF ($50 foreign settlement fee on Fidelity) ILKAY (not buying) GDLNF ($50 foreign settlement fee on Fidelity) PKREF ($50 foreign settlement fee on Fidelity) ETA: Went to put orders in on all but ILKAY and got the messages regarding fees. Wanted to provide a heads-up
  14. So last night I decided to look up where the "Rare Earth" deposits are in the world. Then went sleuthing for the miners in the US, Canada and Australia. Came across $REEMF - Rare Element Resources Price up to $3.76, went up sixty cents today alone. I'm going see if I can get in a little cheaper at some point today, but I'm getting in. ETA: It's a Canadian listed stonk, found out when I put my limit order in
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