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  1. I am in Vegas right now. Masks are about being worn by about 75 percent of the people indoors and like 10 percent outdoors at the places I have been so far. The glass seems to be coming down quickly. Like I got here yesterday and it was up at some places and today it isn't. The one thing I have noticed is people seem a lot more friendly then they have on other visits. Everyone is sparking up conversations. At the tables, on elevators, walking the strip. I think people have missed interacting with other people or something like that.
  2. I know this will be kind of unpopular opinion, but I would have loved to see a fully healthy Nets vs. a fully healthy Warriors in the finals this year. Durant vs. his old team, Harden and Irving vs a Warrior's team that they have had crazy good playoff battles. On the Warrior's side you have Curry playing some of his best basketball ever Klay would probably be close to fully healthy from his ACL tear if he didn't tear his achilles. Plus you would have one of the best ball moving teams ever vs 3 ball dominant iso players that can score on anyone. Hopefully we get a couple glim
  3. I don't think Utah is that scary without Mitchell. If Mitchell isn't healthy I wouldn't be surprised to see them lose first round.
  4. Anyone watch the Nets game? Did Harden look as good as the box score suggests? If so these playoffs might already be over.
  5. Love the play in tournament. It is a way for the NBA to reward the best teams. 1st - 4th seed. You guys are really good. Here is a week off and home court in the first round. 5th and 6th. You guys are pretty good. Here is a week off before the playoffs start. 7th and 8th. You guys are alright. You win 1 game and you are in the playoffs. 9th and 10th. You guys were really close. Win 2 games against teams right around you and you are in. Wish they would figure out something thid clever for the bad teams and draft picks.
  6. Studies show that reaction time start getting slower around the age of 24. However, I don't think that age has the best decision making skills and the driving experience to be the best. I would guess that is some where in the range of 30 to 35.
  7. Wiggins looks really good when he is into them game. Plays good defense, can score and should be the 3rd best player on a contender, but something is missing. It is almost like he doesn't like basketball, but does it because it pays so well. If I am the Warriors I am getting him a shrink or trying to figure out if there is another underlying condition like depression or add or something.
  8. If Russ is going to embrace this high energy, pass first low volume shooting he could be a huge asset on a team. I think he could really bring the Pelican team together like Paul did the Suns.
  9. That was so awesome. I forget who said it in this thread, but I am stealing it. Marvel can just take all my money.
  10. There are already 15 players ruled out for the Pistons vs. Magic tonight. What a fight for the lottery. @Capella may the best team lose.
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