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  1. I believe they do because drafts still happen 2 days after the season starts. So those teams and leagues can retroactively start players that play on Thursday. So they let everyone.
  2. It is what he does. This is rhetorical, but look at his topics he has started in the PSF. Make a ludicrous claim, make some bad analogies, follow it up with another ludicrous claim, pretend your stance on the claim is softening, disappear from the thread permanently. Rinse and repeat in a few weeks.
  3. Love the humility angle. What about other presidents you voted for and the mistakes they made? Oh that was different.
  4. So by that logic Biden supporters are only responsible if they are part of the Taliban. I can agree with that.
  5. Well said. It is like the Chiefs losing the super bowl last year and saying after the fact that they should have started Chad Henne and punish Andy Reid for it.
  6. Nope, because it is subjective and as I stated before what politicians say before they are elected and what they do after they are elected can be very different.
  7. All politicians decision making ability is in question to me. What was your point of adding "and his supporters" into the question without adding a second answer in your poll?
  8. Biden, yes. His supporters? Absolutely not. Politicians lie and change agenda's all the time. It is absurd to put any responsibility on voters or supporters for the decisions a politician make after they are voted into office. What a horrible and divisive way to propose a question.
  9. You do lose your spot for one crazy year. Trump lost the the election because of Covid. It happens in all types of jobs all the time. I am also pretty confident when people move out of their current state that stats would show they are more likely to stay in the same region then move across the entire country.
  10. Not really. You are predicting this to be the start of a trend. I am more of a wait and see. This could be a random blip from a crazy year.
  11. Can we define droves? California had a decrease in population for the first time ever in 2020. They lost roughly 185,000 people out of 39.5 millon or just under a half of percent. That doesn't seem like a lot.
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