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  1. Where do you work so I can boycott it.
  2. Wouldn't it have been better to just lead with instead of half the posts in the thread arguing about the definition of mass exodus?
  3. Where would this country be without extremists? Would women be allowed to vote? Would we still have slavery? Would our jails be over populated with bootleggers? Even if you disagree with 99.9 percent of the things politicians like Trump and AOC stand for they are still needed in this country for progress. What we need to do as a country is stop blindly following them because of the tag by their name or because they had one idea we agree with and hold them accountable by rejecting their dumb ideas and praise their good ideas.
  4. Okay move Simmons. Don't blow it up. You don't get 10 year windows unless you are an all time great and even only a few of them get those runs (Lebron, Duncan, Russell) You get a 3 to 5 year window. Embiid should be fine for it.
  5. People say burn it down everytime a young team struggles in the playoffs. 76ers are a good young team and should stay the course unless something falls in their laps. Just like the Bucks and Celtics.
  6. I give the Hawks front office a lot of credit. They are trying to build around Young's strengths, but right now all those shooters are ice cold.
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