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  1. So annoying this is happening but it’s FF so whatever. I’m hoping he is inactive and will start Diontae instead but if Keenan is active he will be my WR2. So the moral of the post is start Diontae if Keenan is playing bc it’ll def bite me in the ###.
  2. Hail Murray full of lace, Hopkins is with thee. Blessed art thou amongst the Bills and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, DeAndre. Holy Murray, Father of comebacks, pray for us winners, now and at the finals seconds of the Bill’s death. Amen.
  3. As long as you liked the deal thats all that matters.
  4. For the Deebo owners would you deal him for Claypool if the CC owner would do it? I don’t use calculators only for entertainment purposes but they have Deebo much higher then Chase which surprised me.
  5. Interesting. The only offer I got was 2 mid 2nds and a 3 lol. I also offered Deebo & Goedert for Andrews and was laughed at.
  6. Deebo dynasty value check? I’ve been looking to shop him but based off of offers the value is all over the dang place. Just curious to see what people would take/give for picks bc ultimately I wanna deal him for picks since I have none in 2021. Thanks for any info. GL
  7. 12 Team PPR. I am trying to repeat and go all in. I traded Hollywood Brown/Curtis Samuel/Jalen Hurts and two 2021 2nd rd picks for Keenan Allen/Jake Luton/Tre’Quan Smith ( I’ll cut JL/TS ). the argument amongst league mates is I gave up way too much for Keenan but again in win now mode at 7-2 and I have Kyler Murray/Dalvin Cook/Aaron Jones/Kareem Hunt/Jamaal Williams/Davante Adams/Keenan Allen/CeeDee Lamb/Diontae Johnson/Deebo Samuel/George Kittle/Dallas Goedert/Robert Tonyan. would love to see reasons if anyone thinks I gave up too much given my current roster &a
  8. Current John Brown owners. Do you have any level of comfort having him on your bench and ready to use him as an emergency start due to injury/bye issues? Can’t imagine what his value is if any at all.
  9. 12tm PPR - I just made this deal. OBJ/David Johnson/Sammy Watkins for Aaron Jones/Jamal Williams/Tyrell Williams ( who I cut for Cousins ) Kyler Murray/Kirk Cousins/Teddy Bridgewater/Jalen Hurts Dalvin Cook/Aaron Jones/Kareem Hunt/Jamaal Williams/Duke Johnson Davante Adams/CeeDee Lamb/Deebo Samuel/Hollywood Brown/Dionte Johnson/Mike Williams George Kittle/Dallas Goedert/Robert Tonyan
  10. I might not have Hunt for long. In deep talks with the Saquon owner. He’s willing to deal SB for KH but we’re discussing what else has to be included. Thankful for the opportunity of having a chance at Saquon. Fingers crossed lol
  11. Just to clarify in the Hunt trade I dealt a 2019 1st not 1.1 ( could turn out to be ) but was just saying it suck and be my luck IF it turned out to be 1.1
  12. Prob just overpaid for Kareem Hunt but idc... Team A trades Derrius Guice/Marshawn Lynch/Christian Kirk/2019 1st Team B trades Kareem Hunt/Spencer Ware/Tyrell Williams/2019 3rd Russ/Ben/Baker DJ/Hunt/Sony/Ware/Jaylen/Chase Keenan/DAdams/Tyreek/Diggs/Crowder/Tre’Quan/Tyrell Engram/Kittle
  13. Yeah that’s why I posted the roster and picks. I would’ve voted differently not knowing the exact situation. Hard to judge a deal when you don’t know the full effect. I really hate giving up Mixon tho. I’m an OU alum/fan and always thought he’d be good in the NFL. He’s primed to break out this year but like you said Guice and Sony behind DJ more the makes up for it. A lot like Penny but i just can’t get behind him. I’d like to deal 1.11 and move up personally. Even backwards but if I stand pat I can see myself taking best WR avail which I think it’ll be Kirk there unless someone slides. Also a
  14. Good take & well put. We’ll see how it plays out. Thanks & GL
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