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  1. I already stated I was starting Gronk if he was active, and I am. For the record, my other rostered option is Bennett
  2. This is where I'm at. Sure. Gronk is a great run blocker and can dictate a lot on the field (who else read the link earlier today? lol) but I just don't see activating him -to block-
  3. Man it would be great to watch my shiny 2nd round toy play tonight
  4. If he is active I start him, every time. I got burned hard on that philosophy a couple years ago with Calvin Johnson and his injury and all that, but I don't think NE puts guys like Gronk out when they are hobbled just to be a decoy... I have Bennett so I just need to pay attention and make sure I have the right guy in by 5 mins till kick
  5. That's basically what the little yahoo note b him has been saying today "After watching Thursday's practice, Mark Daniels of the Providence Journal said Rob Gronkowski (hamstring) "certainly isn't 100 percent." Advice: Gronkowski was listed as a limited participant at Thursday's practice but did almost nothing. While his teammates were running routes, Gronkowski simply shuffled his feet in place. He did some simulated blocking but it still wasn't much. He's extremely questionable for Sunday's home opener against the Dolphins. Gronk owners need to have a backup plan in place."
  6. I definitely appreciate knowing on Friday/Saturday that he won't be suiting up. As we all know game time decision, let alone for a Monday game (or anything but 1pm Sun), is a fantasy nightmare for a guy that is a must-start when active. This week's game is at 1:00 on Sunday so anybody that can be electronically connected should be okay on whether or not they start him.
  7. I'm very happy to have taken Anderson in the mid third but I would have taken Ingram there without thinking about it. I would still take Ingram before Anderson. I do not own any shares of Ingram this year.
  8. 3.06 in 12 team 0.25PPR This allowed me to blow my 2nd rounder on Gronk and still get two RB1's (Peterson 1.06, only 2 WR slots and a flex so I have 3RB in)
  9. lol Does that apply to a ROOKIE season "career year"? At WR no less? BTW: That season is also the worst he has ever had (not counting missing the whole season with injury of course).
  10. Things like this are why I don't subscribe to anything any more, and read fewer expert opinions than I used to. I'd rather be wrong myself than follow somebody else who was wrong.
  11. I own him in 3/4 of my leagues...benched him in all an hour before kickoff. Too much about how long since he played a meaningful game, snap count, rounding back into football shape, @DEN, etc. lol. Oh well at least I own him and didn't pay a lot. Into the starting lineup for week 2 across the board, definitely
  12. lol I kind of like everybody and their brother doing zero RB now. CJA in the 3rd as my RB2 behind Peterson...okay sure What's the saying about zigging when others are zagging?
  13. I wish I played in a league with CJ Anderson in the 5th round I wanted him, took 3.06 in 12 team standard. He would not have made it to the 4th. And agree with the above, I'd like to see Booker get closer to that 8-10 carries in games where they run it that much.
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