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  1. Every time I see a new crazy price I like to think that ol Hoot kept his retirement and investments in Bitcoin all the way and he's now currently on the mend on some tropical island getting pampered by some scantily clad nurses while sipping on rum thumbing through the almanac with SizzleSaw. I haven't kept up with the thread to know whether or not this is the case but this thought makes me happy. Anyway it's 82 degrees here today and I feel guilty, kinda.
  2. My Heaters are in a funk right now....2.5 games out of 4th and tanking for Beal or some ####. It's frustrating.
  3. Damn Cookerino, I forgot to check in after I asked about squares, my bad. I've been kinda hate watching the Bucs this year after they dumped Jaboo for some old washed up QB, prolly gonna play the ML on them and that way i'll be happy either way. Mrs Nugs is all in on Tampa, nauseating. Hope everyone wins and by wins I means hedge all bets to lock in a profit. Cheers!
  4. Looks like your good luck came in the mother####ing clutch tonight. Like a bazillion runs in the 9th. And with that blind Angel Hernandez as the ump, too. That was crazy.
  5. I'm interested in Hoots take on this fight. That dude that Henry is fighting is a bad, bad man.
  6. Well dudes, had something interesting happen the last few days. Had like .47 cents in my bovada account from god knows when. Not enough to wager on a sports game so I tried the casino. Played .25 video poker, hit a flush and maybe a 3 of a kind or 2 right away, drove the total up to about 2 bucks. Sweet! So I parlayed a live bet of the Rays in extra innings (Adames hit a walk off single I think?) with the Blues winning OT game 2. We win! Up to $12. Played a slot machine Bulletbroof Babes, won a bonus round up off of .40cent spins, total now up to $40. off of .47 cents! Yesterday morning I think maybe my luck hadn't run out, autoplay 20 spins of $1 each on Ronin, also a slot on Bovada. On a non-winning spin my total went from like $27 bucks to $1970ish, I hit some "random jackpot' thing. HOLY ####! Still, didn't think there was any chance i'd see that money as I hadn't made a deposit it was just leftover bonus money that started this. Initiated $1870 in withdrawal via bitcoin...which was paid out last night! We have approximately $1600 left in random medical debt from the kiddo, which a .47 bonus amount just paid off. Gonna take the family out tonight for dinner with the difference. Left me with $100 in Bovada to play with too....so we playing cards tonight?
  7. This right here is legit mediocre wagerable football i'm seeing huh?
  8. I haven't bought anything in a few years but a few years ago I got the bug after being a collector as a kid and started the online breaks. Mostly the National Treasures or other high end stuff hunting for the rookie patch autos, back on Justin.tv. Now you can watch the breaks on breakers or afterward on youtube. I trust Chad Redfern at firehandcards or Chris Justice at Cards Infinity the most but there are other guys/girls that are stand up people...i'd just research who you're buying stuff from, not everyone is trustworthy. I found that Cards Infinity or Blowout Cards were cheaper when buying packs/boxes than my local card shop by as much as 50% but i'm sure that's as much to do with the lack of LCSs here as anything. I got some pretty cool stuff for pretty cheap, like a Kawhi Leonard RPA from National Treasures in a $60 random team break, last ones that sold were $2300 and $2800 ungraded...but there were plenty of times I got nothing or just a cheap card for my money. It's kinda like gambling. Hmm, maybe time to sell the Kawhi and get back in the game.
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