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  1. Team A gives - Mike Evans, Dalvin Cook, Trent Taylor Team B gives - 1.05 (Ronald Jones), 1.08, Mike Williams, Paul Richardson, Trey Burton
  2. I have a hard time taking him earlier than the 5th due to his history of injury. It will take him time to get into game shape and into a groove once he starts playing. His talent will force some guys to roll the dice early, but I just can't with him. Rumors of him coming back earlier, etc are just going to kill any chance of stealing him later. I drafted Foster (10 team - non ppr) last Sunday (just as these rumors were starting) at 11.09. Alfred Blue went at 10.10. If I didn't have a need to load up on some WR's, I would have taken him a few rounds earlier, but love him as my RB 4 with no worry to need him until after his bye in week 10. 1 - Keeper L. Bell 2 - Keeper Gronk 3 - Keeper Forte 4.04 - P. Manning 5.07 - M. Gordon (Value too great here and we can start 3RB) 6.05 - M. Bryant 7.06 - D. Adams 8.05 - A. Robinson 9.06 - S. Smith 10.02 - L. Fitzgerald 11.09 - Foster
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