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  1. When they played earlier in the season Hunt had 127yds rushing and a TD
  2. Right. Don’t get me wrong, still enjoyed it. Just went in hoping to get some answers and we didn’t get any.
  3. I enjoyed it. But I’m left wanting more. Not as good as Empire or Rogue One for sure. I’d probably put it behind ANH as well. I dunno, maybe if I see it more I’ll thjnk differently. Was certainly good though. Need to think on it.
  4. They need to get rid of Allen. Period. This team is going nowhere with him.
  5. Is he a must start this week? Debating between him and Baldwin. If Peterson is on Watkins, Kupp could have another big game.
  6. So many injuries this year. Couple with choking away games late against KC and NO. Another lost season here and another offseason of questions about Kirk. Life of a Skins fan.
  7. Just got an email from the Skins trying to get me to sign up for 2018 tickets. I was last a season ticket holder in 2014 and was for just one year. They must be desperate for people to buy them because if you do, you get the rest of the 2017 home games for free.
  8. I bought the newer version of the 55” a couple weeks ago. Love the TV and Roku.
  9. Maybe. Think it has more to do with Smith not throwing deep and the only other consistent receiving threat being Kelce so if you can clog up the box, Kelce and Hunt are rendered useless.
  10. https://twitter.com/claywendler/status/935220446500413442 Looks like the Bills has their whole defense within 10yds of the LOS on both of those plays in the screen cap. If that was the norm yesterday, no wonder Hunt couldn’t find any room to run.
  11. Ben at home and in prime time should be a good game for him. Starting him over Brees.
  12. They really have Such an odd season for fantasy and actual football.
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