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  1. Even with a draft tool like Draft Dominator, you need to do research and figure out how to best use it before your draft.
  2. These rankings probably seem off to you because using Joe's secret formula does not accurately reflect your league's tendencies. I suggest looking at this article to help set your own baseline: http://www.footballguys.com/05vbdrevisited.htm
  3. I'm not sure what the problem is. Try deleting the ADP.csv file from the Draft Dominator folder and then update the projections to see what happens.
  4. When you guys are updating the projections, try updating the Draft Dominator first, then update in the Projections Dominator and import into the Draft Dominator. Not sure if this is the issue but just want to make sure this is what you are doing.
  5. Yes. If you want to include the Week 17 projections, you should set the value in the GamebyGame window to 1.
  6. If you have checked the flex boxes, you should just enter the number of flex starters in the flex box. The program will then automatically calculate flex numbers based on your scoring system and the projections.
  7. Starters only basically looks at each week and takes the player who is projected to have the most points for each week. So for QBs, if your QB1 has a bye on Week 9, it will take the projected points for your QB2. It will also use the QB2 week projection if he is projected to score higher than you QB1 for a week. For example, in a mock I did recently, I took Kaepernick as my QB1 and Dalton as my QB2. In Week 6, Dalton is projected to have more points when using the strength of schedule weights, so his projection is used for that week even though Kaepernick is my QB1.
  8. Yes, I think if you just save your existing league under a different name you will have two copies of the same league, then you can edit one of them.
  9. Go to the adp.csv file in the Draft Dominator file and delete the values for Maclin and Pitta. Then import the file in the Draft Dominator and neither player should have an ADP value.
  10. Yeah this is because the Draft Dominator imports the ADP that shows up here: http://subscribers.footballguys.com/apps/adp.php. It is not a bug. The ADP for standard leagues for Donnie Avery is blank because he is not normally picked in the top 280 or whatever.
  11. Here is the step by step process I use for importing ESPN ADP into the Draft Dominator: > Open the adp.csv file from the Draft Dominator folder (make sure it is not the Projections Dominator folder) > Sort the data from smallest to highest by the adp_consensus column > In another Excel document, copy and paste the data from here: http://subscribers.footballguys.com/apps/adp.php. This is already sorted by the consensus. > Copy all of the values from the ESPN column and paste them in the adp_mag column in the adp.csv file > Save adp.csv > In the Draft Dominator, import the ADP (not ADP User) > When editing the team names, select Magazine Average as the ADP List for everyone. This has always worked for me and it is the most efficient way to do it.
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