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  1. That time of year for Devy Drafts to start for those eligible in the 2022 NFL draft.

    Here are my top 16.  I play 1qb full ppr.

    1.  Breece Hall, RB, Iowa State - Much better runner than Montgomery.  

    2.  Treylon Burks, WR, Arkansas - By far the best of the 'big' wideouts this year.

    3.  Isaiah Spiller, RB, Texas A&M - Might not test elite but does it all and I think teams will see a three down guy here.

    4.  Malik Willis, QB, Liberty - Amazing talent.  Infinitely better passer than Jackson/Lance.

    5.  Garrett Wilson, WR, Ohio State - Probably best overall wideout in the draft.

    6.  Jalen Wydermyer, TE, Texas A&M - Doubt he will test anywhere close to Pitts, but should be a first rounder and much better than Sternberger.

    7.  George Pickens, WR, Georgia - The talent is supreme, no doubt.  But you worry about the injury and how these kids roll in Athens.

    8.  Eric Gray, RB, Oklahoma - Looks pretty good on tape and runs with 'heart' and these transfer guys get picked high in every devy draft.

    9.  John Metchie, WR, Alabama - Doesn't really show much on tape but he will be 'the man' and rack up stats en route to a top 64 draft slot.

    10.  Spencer Rattler, QB, Oklahoma - Pretty good quarterback.  I think he'll be Russel Wilson lite.

    11.  Kevin Harris, RB, South Carolina - Stocky build that isn't easy to take down and looks good running and catching.  The issue will be testing.

    12.  David Bell, WR, Purdue - Looks about as good as tylan wallace did pre injury.  I just don't see a first rounder here.

    13.  Justyn Ross, WR, Clemson - Hard to leave him out completely but the injury is a MAJOR concern.  If he can play, looked better than Higgins.

    14.  Chris Olave, WR, Ohio State - Probably will be drafted high but I just don't see real elite talent here week in and week out in ppr.

    15.  Kyren Williams, RB, Notre Dame - Best notre dame back I've seen in a few years.  Can do it all but might be a 4.5 guy in a 200 pound frame.

    16.  Jahan Dotson, WR, Penn State - As electric an talent as Franklin has been able to recruit since getting in town.  But the slight build limits upside.  Easily better than Hamler in every way.


    Others I like somewhat but can't justify spending a devy pick on :  Ealy, Wease, Bru, Leddie, Ainias, Fryfogle, Doubs, Charbonnet, Trey Sanders

  2. 11 hours ago, EBF said:

    Fun to read through this thread after a year. Not my best rankings, but I do think they improved somewhat as I worked through the tiers over time. Ending up with Lamb, Jefferson, and Aiyuk atop the WR tier aged well. Duvernay looks like a miss and it looks like I was too low on some guys (Claypool, Gibson, Higgins, Herbert). Probably should've been higher on the class in general. Live and learn.

    As for 2021, the moderators on here hit me with a 100 day ban last summer for making a relatively innocuous two paragraph long post in the politics forum, which IMO is not an acceptable way to treat people, so I'm not exactly keen on the idea of hooking them up with free content moving forward. Not sure if I'll be posting extensive rankings. You can hit me up via PM though and I'd be happy to share some thoughts. 

    My drafts are just winding down. I've cut my dynasty leagues down to two, so it's pretty slim now and I didn't have as much time on the clock studying players and working through tiers as I would've in most years. I have a decent idea of who I like though. Hint on a couple of the not-at-all-surprising names.

    I think at the end of the day, what you write helps your brand infinitely more than it helps drive pageviews on fbg

  3. Some more recently watched shows and some takes as to why I rank them as such


    High Maintenance - Well made, isn't stupid or need to be high to be enjoyable like other stoner movies/shows.

    Animal Kingdom - Pretty good story telling and satisfies that itch when Sons went off the air.  There's just something unique about American trailer trash and their lives.  The Aussie movie this was based off of is well worth watching as well.

    Fargo - All seasons of the tv show have been great and worthwhile.

    Shannara Chronicles - What a shame this was cancelled.  Excellent world and atmosphere.  Horrid acting by alot of the young cast, but the settings and dynamics of the world make up for it.  Not corny and childish like harry potter and just a step down from the LOTR movies.

    Girlfriend Experience - both seasons were very good to great.

    Americans - probably the best acting for a show on American television.

    Insecure - Fantastic.  A much more 'realistic' and relateable Atlanta for those of us on the west coast.

    Friday Night Lights - Got around to watching this and the first season was very good.  Successive seasons were good at best.

    Game of Thrones - Fantastic overall.

    Power - To me, one of the best shows on television.  Cast is very good.

    The Knick - Absolutely fantastic.  Someone needs to pick this show back up.

    Major Crimes - My favorite crime show after CSI went off the air.  Excellent chemistry between the cast.

    Cold Case - Excellent television.  Rivals CSI at it's height.  

    Sherlock Holmes - First few seasons were great.  Seems as if Cumberbatch and Freeman mailed it in after the first couple of seasons.

    The Killing - First season was great, second was pretty good.  Kinnaman and Enos have tremendous chemistry.



    Girls - good story telling and very realistic regardless of what you may think of Dunham.  Chemistry between the girls almost as good as Sex in the City.

    Better Call Saul - Odenkirk can't carry a whole show like Cranston could.  Still, great writing.

    Murdoch Mysteries - Solid detective show with a good setting.

    Atlanta - It's OK for what it is.  Not all that profound.

    House - This was pretty good.  Laurie had charisma to spare

    Homeland - It's not bad.  Worth watching.

    The Walking Dead - The comics are way better.

    Scandal - Pretty good, but nothing great.

    The Affair - Above average.  

    The Fall - Very good first season..... then it drags on about the same thing and ...... yawn.

    Bodyguard - Not bad, but probably overrated for what it is.



    Star - Demorest is unbelievably charismatic but the writing is very weak.

    Westworld - Dumb and way more eye roll worthy than thought provoking.

    Orphan Black - The lead actress is versatile... but that's about it.  Sat through a season of this and yawn.

    The Crown - Setting and atmosphere is very nice, but the rest of this is boring.



    Orange is the New Black - dumb as ish.  Stopped at 5 episodes.

    Stranger Things - wtf would anyone older than 10 want to watch this?  Should be classified as a children's show.  Corny as ish.





    Jersey Shore Vacation - Pretty damn good television.  THE best reality tv show of all time (non-competitive).

    Last Chance U - Mediocre.  Way too repetitive

    Alive - Fantastic.  This last season was the best one yet.  A 'real' Survivor.

    Terrace House - Not bad for what it is.  The Hawaii season was much better.  Can be boring and alot of the cast has zero personality.

    Top Chef - Still the best cooking show on TV.

    Hell's Kitchen - Second best cooking show on TV.

    Masterchef - Third best cooking show on TV.


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  4. AFTER Combine Top 30:


    1. Josh Jacobs - Alabama - RB

    2. AJ Brown - Ole Miss - WR

    3. TJ Hockenson - Iowa - TE

    4. DK Metcalf - Ole Miss - WR

    5. Rodney Anderson - Oklahoma - RB

    6. Hakeem Butler - Iowa St - WR

    7. Marquise Brown - Oklahoma - WR

    8. David Montgomery - Iowa St - RB

    9. Noah Fant - Iowa - TE

    10. Justice Hill - Oklahoma St. - RB

    11. N'Keal Harry - ASU - WR

    12. Miles Sanders - Penn St. - RB

    13. Terry McLaurin - Ohio St. - WR

    14. Darrell Henderson - Memphis - RB

    15. Kyler Murray - Oklahoma - QB

    16. Deebo Samuel - SCarolina - WR

    17. Irv Smith - Alabama - TE

    18. Parris Campbell - Ohio St - WR

    19. JJ Arcega-Whiteside - Stanford - WR

    20. Myles Boykin - Notre Dame - WR

    21. Anthony Johnson - Buffalo - WR

    22. Preston Williams - Colorado St - WR

    23. Bryce Love - Stanford - RB

    24. Emanuel Hall - Missouri - WR

    25. Alex Barnes - Kansas St. - RB

    26. Devin Singletary - FAU - RB

    27. Andy Isabella - UMass - WR

    28. Mike Weber - Ohio St - RB

    29. Benny Snell - Kentucky - RB

    30. Jace Sternberger - Texas A&M - TE

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  5. On 1/11/2019 at 5:29 AM, E Street Brat said:

    Pretty predictable if you think about it.  You treat a bunch of middle aged men like pre-teens, then tell them to leave if they don't like.  

    What do you expect? 




    If the formatting on reddit wasnt so atrocious, i'd check here even less than the 3 times a week i do now.

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  6. 23 hours ago, jamny said:

    Honestly, most people here really don't care and the rest are probably just pulling your chain a bit. I never seem to mind the people that get everyone so riled up. Hell, I liked RoknRoll and Qanon. Need some life around here.



    Way too few antagonists around here with all these protagonists running around.

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  7. So I actually used the "perfect" method and went without searing.  Crust came out superb (unbelievable aroma throughout the house during the cook) as I added the infamous Lipton onion soup to the butter mixture and that made all the difference.

    However, it was quite a bit on the rare side as apparently I did not get it to room temp enough before putting it in the oven.



    Anyway, really just want to say doing a cook like this is what makes America great.  Literally no other country does ish like this.

  8. On 12/25/2018 at 10:37 PM, EYLive said:

    I understand the sentiment, but I would rather watch fighters compete as clean as possible. I don't care how talented an athlete is, multiple PED violations should result in a lifetime ban.

    As we've seen with steroid era baseball, scrubs will be scrubs even on the juice.  Cream rises to the top, mediocrity remains mediocre versus the field (of EVERYONE getting juiced).

  9. So just doing a very basic version of this and I want to document my step by step:

    1.  Let 4 pound roast sit at room temp for an hour.

    2.  Rub with S&P with a bit of rosemary and thyme

    3.  Sear it on the cast iron about 2 min each side

    4.  325 for about 80 minutes in a covered foil ......

    5.  Dominate my dinner table ?


    Not going to bother tying it with string.....

  10. Haven't done one of these in a few years. 


    Here is my top 30 of 2019 draft eligible guys as of end of November 2018.

    Obviously it assumes these true juniors / RS sophomores will declare.


    1.  N'Keal Harry  -  ASU  -  WR

    2.  AJ Brown  -  Ole Miss  -  WR

    3.  Kelvin Harmon  -  NC St.  -  WR

    4.  DK Metcalf  -  Ole Miss  -  WR

    5.  Bryan Edwards  -  SCarolina  -  WR

    6.  Hakeem Butler  -  Iowa St  -  WR

    7.  Marquise Brown  -  Oklahoma  -  WR

    8.  David Montgomery  -  Iowa St  -  RB

    9.  Noah Fant  -  Iowa  -  TE

    10.  Damarea Crockett  -  Missouri  -  RB

    11.  Bryce Love  -  Stanford  -  RB

    12.  Justin Herbert  -  Oregon  -  QB

    13.  Kaden Smith  -  Stanford  -  TE

    14. JJ Arcega-Whiteside  -  Stanford  -  WR

    15.  Devin Singletary  -  FAU  -  RB

    16.  Collin Johnson  -  Texas  -  WR

    17.  Benny Snell  -  Kentucky  -  RB

    18.  Rodney Anderson  -  Oklahoma  -  RB

    19.  Lil'Jordan Humphrey  -  Texas  -  WR

    20.  Deebo Samuel  -  SCarolina  -  WR

    21.  Anthony Johnson  -  Buffalo  -  WR

    22.  Preston Williams  -  Colorado St  -  WR

    23.  Myles Gaskin  -  Washington  -  RB

    24.  David Sills  -  West Virginia  -  WR

    25.  Gary Jennings  -  West Virginia  -  WR

    26.  Zach Moss  -  Utah  -  RB

    27.  Andy Isabella  -  UMass  -  WR

    28.  Mike Weber  -  Ohio St  -  RB

    29.  Parris Campbell  -  Ohio St  -  WR

    30.  Karan Higdon  -  Michigan  -  RB


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  11. On 7/10/2018 at 4:28 AM, Daywalker said:

    Nearing end of season 2 handmaid's tale.

    Season 2 is like Rocky 3.  Even more over the top.

    Strovahoski, Dowd and Fiennes are poorly developed characters.  Fiennes is a total miscast.  Just doesn't pull off an American.

    The one-eyed chick deserves some award recognition.  You forget she is acting and not a real person.

    Season 1 was a good watch.  Season 2 is overkill.  Probably wouldn't recommend series anymore. 

    Watch The Handmaiden instead.  :eek:

    Not even sure how many times i rolled my eyes watching the first season, so i wont bother with season 2.

    Contrived and boring, if i wanted to watch real oppression, i'd go rewatch Roots or something.

    But this show probably gets all the anti trumpers rocks off.

  12. On 7/22/2018 at 4:27 PM, NewlyRetired said:

    Pulisic has played three 45 minute half's so far in preseason.


    Game 1: Dortmund wins 1-0 on a sweet Pulisic assist

    Game 2: Dortmund wins 1-0 on a pk that Pulisic drew

    Game 3: Dortmund wins 3-1 on two goals from Pulisic (one on a pk that he drew)

    Elite attitude, already believes he is the alpha now that audabayang is gone.

    Should get that 'C' for the usmnt in the next year or two.

  13. On 7/18/2018 at 8:09 PM, DJackson10 said:

    Tried online and hated it. I don't have car and frankly given everything I need and do I don't need one at the moment and nor do I have a DL. The Online thing is a good idea but it's not for everyone. I've met girls just by going out and other things like friends introducing to me to someone they know or work with. One buddy introduced me to a co worker of his who was having a rough go of the dating thing herself. She had similar interests as me too so he figured he'd give us a shot. Don't get me wrong we had a great time together but in the end we wanted different things out of the relationship. She was more so at the time looking for a rebound and nothing serious and I was looking for more serious. We're still good friends. 

    Is your mom eminence and your father roknrole?

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