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  1. I thought smith was pretty good in it. Getting back to being the fresh prince....spent way too many years chasing that oscar trying to be denzel.
  2. The backdrop/world to Bright was great. Would make a excellent comic series.
  3. LOL at how white this place has to be for all the posters to know instantly who this garrison keillor dude is.
  4. Because only "buttonhook" from the ffa cares.
  5. Jones is now the GOAT. Arrogant punk that he may be, this is the greatest MMA fighter I've ever seen.
  6. Has anyone mentioned that this reads exactly like something that welcher CSTU would post.
  7. WT flying F happened to this board? Back in the day, itd be pages and pages of laughing at a loser like this. Now it's tons of unsolicited "helpful" advice that really doesnt help the thread achieve it's maximum potential.
  8. Warrior - Hogan. By far hottest I've seen a crowd. Hogan turning NwO a distant second. The heat on Reigns at Raw was right there with the first Austin-Rock match. Right below would be ones like the Punk shoot, Luger winning the title over Hollywood Hogan, etc.
  9. Bump. Ailes under criminal investigation shouldnt get less play than a thread about a big snake.
  10. Mediocre show at best. Nothing thought provoking or clever about any of this. Seen most of the ideas in this show in one form or another in comics/other shows before. Should've just made a imax movie instead.
  11. Its as bad as i ever remember it being. Good for the McMahons that its more profitable than ever, but i am checking out of the current product.
  12. So is it expected that Kushner/bannon will automatically side with the Israelis on everything? But I thought bannon was antisemitic.....
  13. Will be interesting to see how devos does once shes actually inside the DoE bureaucracy.
  14. Mcgregor will survive at least a few rounds in a boxing match. Mayweather wont get out of the first round in the cage.
  15. Fought a bunch of jobbers and thought she could do it. Got exposed against Holm (Rousey got knocked down before the submission) and learned absolutely nothing this time around.
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