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  1. It has been a pretty damn good year. Heres to a even better 2017.
  2. I actually like Pettis as a fighter, but the dude is 1-3 in his last four fights........HTF is he fighting for a interim title.
  3. Disappointing showing from Venom page. Another fantastic knockout would've made him the most entertaining guy second only to McGregor.
  4. Just call his wife already, damn. Take this to the next level.
  5. Many of these kind of "outtings" on the Net turned out to be wrong........ are you guys sure it's this "Chad Stuart" guy? There has to be at least a few middle aged Chad Stuarts in the greater LA area.....
  6. Regardless, hope this ends the Clinton "dynasty" once and for all and hope Chelsea will be content doing charity work.
  7. hmmmmm..... I still think Tiffany would be much better lay than Ivanka.
  8. He's about to. The Donald will be getting chummy with the Elites in DC real soon.
  9. For those blaming all the rednecks: Romney won more whites than Trump has
  10. Wow, hearing that Trump outperformed Romney among Hispanic voters...........
  11. Same. I voted Clinton, but not shocked at this outcome. But tomorrow cstu and tim is gonna come in here and talk about how us minorities lost this thing for Hillary....
  12. Interested in seeing how the Donald exacts his vengeance on those that've wronged him
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