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  1. Holy. It's going to be a slaughter, but looks like it'll be the Donald slaughtering the Clinton $$ machine. NYT now has it 325 EV for Trump over Clinton's 213. ROFL
  2. Good, because the DNC and the Democratic Party apparatus needs to go.
  3. Well. White people make up 70% of this country still, so this isn't as shocking as it seems.
  4. Arkansas does not go for the Clintons: ABC projects the Donald to win AR
  5. Shocker of all Shockers: ABC Officially calls New York for the Clintons
  6. ABC apparently calling ALL of the states from ND to TX for the Donald......
  7. Holy sh!t....Clinton up 200k votes in Ohio..........that last ditch event with Lebron working.............
  8. "It will take a miracle for us to win" CNN quotes senior Trump advisor.....
  9. Looks like this will be the most votes cast in an Presidential Election of All Time?
  10. Dang, Nate Silver's lost a LOT more hair than the last time I saw this guy (2012)
  11. Guy on Vice just showed a map of PA... HUGE swaths of red in the state and only minor areas of blue.... The caveat: the blue areas are "where people actually live..."
  12. . Why cant these black guys try "harder" to be white and rich?????
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