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  1. Arent you in your late twenties? Why would you need this stuff.
  2. LVH .... you mean the Westgate? Yeah, that got pretty crowded for me last year during the season..... Do all casinos also broadcast PPVs (UFC, Boxing, etc) free on their big screens?
  3. Hi Whats the best place on the strip to watch week 1games? Some place where i can actually get a seat sunday morning.... thanks
  4. I will be in the extreme minority here, but F it, let these ATHLETES use wtf they want to win. Not trying hard enough if you aren't doing whatever it takes.
  5.  Really wish all of us minorities had your level of insight so we wouldnt have voted against our self-interest by not supporting sanders.
  6. I don't doubt you at all, but the kids would've marked out for these two just as much if they were in the lower mid-card, where they belong.
  7. All the blame is on cerrones representation for negotiating his sitty contract. Whatever he spouts off in interviews has no real bearing on the actual contract.
  8. OK. You've convinced me the V Foundation is much better in all aspects than the Clinton Foundation. Can we move on?
  9. Its not even about HRC anymore. I will vote for whoever has the best chance to stop the Donald from becoming my President.
  10. Mediocre food at best, but great summers and snow once every four winters or so. Solid liberal base, obviously, but they won't bash you for being conservative unlike other liberal strongholds.
  11. I was responding to henry ford, but fwiw, I believe very, very little that comes out of HRC's mouth.
  12. Sure, many of their interests overlap, but I was making the broader point that these entities do compete against each other and therefore, not overt collusion that a lot here have suggested.
  13. FFS, rusev-titus O'Neil next to the main event on BOTH the ppv and raw?????? GTFO w this sh!t.
  14. Rich people have been trying to swallow other rich people for decades now in our version of capitalism. Their competitiveness is what keeps the current system from being 100% broken.
  15. There REALLY needs to be a fighters union. Save these guys with zero business sense from themselves so their families can Live instead of another wad of cash in the fertittas/whites pockets.
  16. Bids are being finalized : http://www.bloodyelbow.com/2016/6/16/11954498/ufc-sale-report-4-billion-purchase-dana-white-zuffa-mma-business Looks like it will be majority Chinese investors with either group. My initial reaxe is this won't be good for the sport losing Dana white/ fertittas 'passion' (in the long run), but we'll see.
  17. That red headband  Big dude with legit mma credentials doesn't need that sort of accessory to stand out....Lashley is already the baddest mofo in virtually any room he walks into.
  18. Just watched the slammiversary ppv and must say the product itself is good to great overall. Some really solid characters and everyone looks like they give a ish. It has polish and has that 'old school booking' that the IWC marks out for, yet the support is dismal and all anyone ever does is rag on how bad carter is as a owner.
  19. There is way too much of the wwe product, period.
  20. Unfortunate, but still a multi millionaire that will be able to physically live a full life even w/o football.
  21. When you've failed at pretty much everything else in life....
  22. This whole thread would've been much more realistic if Wolf turned out to be offdee.
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