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  1. I tuned in right at the end and said “huh, the Lions are going to beat the Ravens.” I was wrong.
  2. They call things so inconsistently anymore that you’re never quite sure. That’s the goal.
  3. That seems like it’s usually an incomplete pass. I don’t remember anymore though.
  4. Andy Dalton looks more Andy Daltonish than I remember.
  5. Might not even want to do that anymore either after hearing about the high school game they aired last Saturday night between IMG Academy and Bishop Sycamore. I’ve lived here for the last 20 years and I’ve never heard of Bishop Sycamore. https://www.google.com/amp/amp.awfulannouncing.com/espn/we-learned-more-about-how-bishop-sycamore-ended-up-playing-on-espn-and-its-only-getting-shadier.html
  6. I’m your man if you put together a 4 sports league consisting of cricket, badminton, polo, and crochet.
  7. Went Fields this year. Think he’ll get in there sooner rather than later and have a very good rookie season and possibly career. Detroit is what they is. Minnesota are what they are. Who knows what Green Bay will look like after this year? Chicago could be in a good position to take over the NFC North. As long as they don’t screw it up. Which they could. Went Lance long term. I believe that Jimmy will get most of the play this year and be good enough to win more games than he loses. If/when he gets hurt it will be the Trey show from then on out. Good line. Young and talented supporting cast. Gave up much to get him. It’s gotta work out or it’ll be a dreary future for my 49ers. As for the others… Lawrence is the real deal but I worry about the organization and I never believed Urban could succeed as an NFL head coach. How will a guy who never loses adapt to losing? I’m interested to find out. With Wilson it comes down to mainly being an organizational thing as well for me. You know I love the head coach. Hopefully there’ll be some stability for a while. Gotta see it to believe it though. Wilson will be a mixture of big games and bad games early on. Will he have the supporting cast and coaching around him in order to achieve his full potential? Cam is toast and will be out from under center within a few games (max) then McCorkle will take the reigns. I think he’ll have a pretty good season but Bill can’t coach forever… can he?
  8. “You’ve been putting it up your whole life. You just didn’t know it.” ”Call it.”
  9. Bolzer - Phospher A band that I just now heard of. A duo from Switzerland. I don’t know if they’ve been mentioned here yet or not. I haven’t heard anything else by them.
  10. I just scheduled an appt to get “newb” on my knuckles.
  11. I went with Henry. He’s still the straw that stirs the Titans drink in Tennessee. The loss of Jonnu and Davis, who are good blockers at their respective positions, should be offset somewhat by the addition of Julio helping spread things out on the perimeter. I’d strongly consider Davante here as I still believe that Rodgers will ultimately end up playing for the Packers this year and that combo is pretty much unstoppable.
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