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  1. On our 1st Valentine's Day I bought my wife roses and she got angry at me. This will be our 20th Valentine's Day together. I haven't bought her anything for the "holiday" since.
  2. Eh, at the time Rodgers was considered a set it and forget it at the QB position for the next decade plus. Probably what Mahomes is considered now. That draft was the one where Gio Bernard was typically the 1.1 pick. Not viewed as a particularly strong draft class at the time.
  3. I play under the same dynasty settings. Drafted Rodgers 1.05 in the start up (2011) and traded him away for the 1.1 and 2.1 a couple of years later. Then I moved the 1.1 in a package that involved Nuk coming back my way. I've won the 'ship 3 times since then and have a handful of 2nd and 3rd place finishes as well. *pats self on back* I tell you all of this just to say that I don't think this guy is going to find the same success here. Mahomes has more value now then Rodgers had then. If you're going to trade a stud you gotta get one in return.
  4. You do realize that this is the Detroit Lions of the NFL here, right? The same Detroit Lions who have 110 NFL wins in the past 20 years. The same Detroit Lions who wasted the careers of two of the greatest players of all time in Barry and Megatron. Do you believe that those two couldn't have helped a different club win? We'll never know, unfortunately, but with Stafford at least we'll get to see what happens. Even if he is a little older and little beat up. Getting on Lions fans for enjoying the career that Stafford had for them is something that I'm not understanding. Edit: I just
  5. How about Irish Festivals where none of the attendees are Irish?
  6. Makes sense if you don't think about it. They spent all of that time to just say ahh screw it, let's get out of here.
  7. I agree that Stafford is more likely than Watson. The Texans will want a higher 1st Rd pick this year than what we own. I'd be all for your proposed offer for Stafford, but I think Detroit will be able to get a 1st Rd pick + a combination of a couple of 2's and/or 3's for him and the league knows what Jimmy is at this point in his career. Teams would rather go for the unknown potential of the draft picks I believe. Anyone have thoughts on the draft and what direction you want the team to go at 12? The mocks I've seen seem to have Surtain or Pitts slotted to us, some also have a QB there
  8. Not good. Edwards-Helaire was out last week and Bell got like 2 carries? The last RB to win it was Terrell Davis in Super Bowl 32.
  9. None of those QBs were considered to be in the same league as a prospect as Lawrence is. This does nothing to change my stance. Edit: I worded my 1st post poorly so I get your point.
  10. Love Watson but went with Lawrence. Having a young, talented QB on a rookie contract can be a stepping stone to turning a franchise around. On the other hand having Watson can turn a good team into a Super Bowl contender. I don't think Watson is going anywhere so his career will be mostly "wasted" in Houston.
  11. Hate losing Saleh and LaFleur even though we knew it was coming. Hope they are successful with your franchise. Saleh is the man.
  12. I'm hesitant on him as a pro. Smaller guys have a better chance at succeeding in today's NFL game but he can't be any bigger than 6 ft and 170 lbs.
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