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  1. San Francisco selects Ambry Thomas, CB Michigan with their comp pick #102. Well it's DB help finally. I like the guy who went right before him to Detroit however, Melifonwu. I don't know anything about Thomas so I'll have to watch some highlights I suppose.
  2. San Francisco trades picks #117 and 121 to the Los Angeles Rams for pick #88. San Francisco selects Trey Sermon, RB Ohio State I don't mind giving up the two 4ths to move up but I'm surprised that they went RB with the pick. Sermon looked really good at times with Ohio State. Maybe he and Trey Lance will run wild over opposing NFL defenses for years to come. Edit: I'm of the mind that I'd rather have potential studs in the draft than depth or role players, regardless of position of need or not. Sermon could be a really good one.
  3. Could be as early as next year. Green is pretty much done, Kirk is on the last year of his deal I believe.
  4. San Francisco trades #43 and a 7th rd pick to Las Vegas for #48 and #121. San Francisco selects Aaron Banks, G Notre Dame I like the value of the picks received to move down a little but I did like a couple of the DBs that went in between picks 43-47.
  5. I think Shanahan and Rodgers have been in cahoots for a while now. San Fransico doesn't know who they're taking at 3 this whole time. Day before the draft they inquiring about Rodgers. Next day Rodgers says he wants out... It all adds up. (I'm not really serious, I don't think)
  6. This definitely could have all of the makings of a "dramatic Green Room fall". "When will Mac Jones, once thought to be a lock to the 49ers at 3, finally hear his name called on draft night."
  7. 1. JAX - Trevor Lawrence (1/1 - off to a hot start) 2. NYJ - Zach Wilson (2/2 - moving along) 3. SF - McCorkle Jones (3/3 - I've convinced myself that this is going to happen. What are the odds of a guy named McCorkle succeeding as an NFL QB? Succeeding at life?) 4. ATL - Kyle Pitts (keep Ryan, keep Julio, draft Pitts, score some points but give up more points) 5. CIN - Ja'Marr Chase (it would be wise to select a Tackle here, I don't believe that will be the case) 6. DEN - Justin Fields (MIA is becoming like that guy in your FF league who cares more about collecti
  8. Right. Every draft has to have "the drama" leading up to the event. If San Francisco didn't trade up to 3 all of the talk would be around which QB will/should the Jets take at 2!??!
  9. This was the only reason that I would have watched it. I figured with it being rated R and current movies love for shock and gore that they should have just focused on cool fighting scenes that end with different finishing moves, minimal back story. Who cares who lives or dies? It's not like these types of movies need to be a trilogy. Side note: a fav teen moment of mine is hoarding loads of quarters through out the week and playing the Mortal Kombat arcade with a buddy at the 7-11 on the weekends. I always used Sub-Zero and I remember the 1st time that I performed his finishing move whe
  10. Yes. This narrative is the most annoying/ridiculous knock against Fields of all. Does the opposite hold true? Should every Cal QB be drafted early because of Aaron Rodgers? How about every Texas Tech QB because of Patrick Mahomes? Should Fields be considered a true "Ohio State QB" since he transferred in? I don't think that those former QBs did, though I may be mistaken. Burrow spent time on campus before transferring out. Does he have the "Ohio State QB taint" on him?
  11. I don't disagree with you but outside of maybe Detroit I don't think any of the other places that he could go in the top 10 are that bad of a destination. SF, ATL, CAR, and DEN all have some nice offensive pieces on their rosters.
  12. Or more than likely because of injury in Jimmy's case.
  13. I don't think they'd start him right away but even so this isn't a typical "ruin the rookie QB" type of situation in San Francisco. There's a good O-line in front of him with a HoF calibur LT protecting his blindside and loads of talent at the skill positions.
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