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  1. Am I being a dum dum? From the 1000 ft view, I've got a pretty sweet gig as a government lawyer. I'll cross the 6 figure mark soon in a cheap COL area, I leave at 5 every day, etc. But I hate dealing with miserable people (99.999999% of lawyers are the most despicable people you can imagine) + I don't spend the money I make now anyway. I'm mid-30s, single, no kids, cheap house, and paid off car. I want to pivot into a role as a junior high school teacher. Way, way back in the day I got a teaching degree. I'm working with the state dept. of ed, but I don't think I'd have to jump through an insane amount of hoops to have a teaching license again. My salary as a teacher would be sightly, but not bigly, less than what I was making about 5-7 years ago. I left my other gov't job to take a big (for me) pay increase into the job I'm in now. I don't think there'd be much of a quality of life change. My mortgage is less than my rent was then. I honestly think it comes down to the numbers on my Ally app not going up as fast. But when I die, will it matter how much goes to the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership? I think the quality of woman I date would drop off after losing the "attorney" tag on dating apps, but I've had a good run. I'm bored with that anyway. I'm worried that on my bad days, I'll be liked "####, I left $40k/year + awesome 401k match on the table." Am I a dum dum? Will answer yours...
  2. I love these babies for when I know it's going to rain. Body Glide doesn't seem to hold up in the rain for me. I hope one day to have a body as hot as JShare's so that I can confidently run with my shirt off. Maybe I should just go for it. Is running with you shirt on like getting in the pool with a shirt on when you're a kid? Asking for a friend.
  3. Stronglifts 5x5 has a good app and is a good place to start for a beginner. It's basic barbell stuff.
  4. Whiskey is never the wrong answer.
  5. Looking through my old maps on Strava, I think today is the first time that I've had a "that map is not at all the route I did." But I did the test because my runs on different routes have been funky as far as pace, although that could easily be attributed to summer starting up. Those routes I sorta know the distance, but not enough to say that anything was off with total confidence. A month or so ago it measured a half at 13.18 (so dead on when you consider my own inefficiency when it comes to route running). I took @Zasada's rec and changed from Glosnass to Gallileo. I'm going to leave it turned off for the rest of the day and see how it does tomorrow afternoon. Thanks for all the bros!
  6. The map starts at my house but stops just around the block. So probably 400m of the total route. So that makes me think there's a GPS issue. It was on the whole time because I looked down every 2 minutes and said a string of curse words, and I don't do auto-pause or anything. No biggie. Easy come, easy go.
  7. Am I the dumbest person to ever walk the Earth? My 245 was over a half mile off this morning on a short, easy 4 mile loop that I know by heart. This is the second Garmin that I've had this exact issue with after 1.5-2 years. It always starts with me getting weirdly slow paces for a couple of weeks, and then deciding to check it against a route I know that I know for 100%. I'm not a 100 mile a week master man, so I have zero idea what the issue is. It has to be me at this point. Or am I being a diva about how long these babies should last? Anybody like their Suunto? I really only care about the distance and time being correct. The other bells and whistles are great and I love looking at the data, but jeez.
  8. I wonder what percentage of brackets are going to have Gonzaga as the national champion. 65%? I bet a good percentage have Illinois, but potentially top 10 KenPom Loyola and Ok St seems like a really tough road. Maybe Baylor as a value pick? They were really just as good as the Zags until they went on covid pause. Totally reasonable to think they'll play themselves back into shape. I know a 1 seed isn't really "value" but still.
  9. Not even to mention that their 3 and 4 might not even actually play in the tournament. At the very least they won't be practicing much or at all before tip time. Virginia was the top overall seed also in 2018 when the 9 and 11 played in the Elite Eight. If Gonzaga wasn't so freaking good this year, I'd sort of think we were headed for something similar (not losing to a 16 but having a chaotic region).
  10. I see that they left "Dear Senator McConnell" on the cutting room floor. Probably a smart edit.
  11. I don't think this is going to help with that. He can always run Don Jr. as a third party candidate to screw the Republicans if he feels cheated. I'm a little surprised we haven't heard that leaked in the couple of hours since Liz Cheney and McConnell's ideas have leaked. "My trememendous supporters are great people. They election was stolen and now Spineless Mitch has deprived me of my chance to win another landslide WITHOUT CHEATING. He knows he could never run a campaign as brilliant as me. I urge all my supporters to give Don Jr. your full and complete support. PATRIOT!"
  12. If Trump resigns, does Pence get a library?
  13. I didn't realize Uncle Leo was one of these Qanon people.
  14. I think it's clear that if McConnell wants it to happen, it's a done deal. However, and this is baseless speculation, I wonder if McConnell is floating this for the business community. There have been several Republican senators over the past few days that have given some kind of "we'll have to see what the House sends us" line. Which is perfectly reasonable. But whatever you think of Mitch, he's a brilliant tactician. I wonder if we could be setting up for "we wanted to get convict him, but what they sent us just didn't fit" as outreach to some of the businesses and donors who have announced they'll cut funding. You can't really say "I'm not giving money to Cruz and Hawley" and give it to NRSC anyway. I mean, you can and some will but not all.
  15. I think the analysis has to go a bit further than the silly usage of treason as the underlying felony. The Supreme Court has previously held that when a federal statute uses the generic "burglary" that it means "an unlawful or unprivileged entry into, or remaining in, a building or other structure, with intent to commit a crime." Taylor v. United States, 495 U.S. 575 (1990). If I'm @Dinsy Ejotuz's hypothetical "aggressive prosecutor", I'm arguing that I have underlying "intent to commit a crime" in spades. Theft, the execution of the Vice President of the United States, sedition, etc. It would be a longer than normal shot. It's not going to happen.
  16. A blue check mark reporter also saying the murder was committed using a fire extinguisher.
  17. Damn. NPR is reporting the DOJ is conducting a murder investigation (duh). The penalty for 1st degree murder in the federal system is either life in prison or the death penalty. The federal felony murder statute encompasses burglary (breaking in and stealing stuff). Felony murder means you can be on the hook for a murder that one of your accomplices commits if you are committing a burglary. Merrick Garland was one of the top prosecutors on the McVeigh death penalty case. It will be interesting to see how the DOJ handles this. There's zero chance they charge any of the terrorists who weren't actively engaged in the murder. There's a lot of getaway drivers on death row right now, but we definitely won't see that here.
  18. "[L]eading a debate on the senate floor for voter integrity" is the Orwellian part. A dude who bills himself as a "constitutional lawyer" (whatever that is) not understanding the First Amendment is the funny part. This guy running for president by inciting a bunch of cop killers is the infuriating part. Edit: Nate Silver beat me to calling Hawley's dumb statement Orwellian.
  19. Thanks for posting. I disagree that the others pushing back the fence and trying to hold position, and also trying to detain one of the guys who got through the fence until they were overrun and one woman was pushed down and looked to be hurt, is "letting it happen." But I think we're on the same page that these guys were way outnumbered and didn't have a lot of options. Total failure of leadership. I think this video also puts to rest my one big area of complaint with the front line Cap police. I wonder if the actions in this video happened earlier in time than the video that got out yesterday that appeared to show the Cap police removing gates and letting people in. It's my guess and assumption that this happened first and the cops in the other video were directed to not try to hold the position to prevent somebody from getting hurt. We definitely need an investigation of how this happened from a police standpoint. I also want an interview with the guy who posed for the selfie. To be his defense lawyer, some of that was happening over the summer in the protests as a way to build rapport and keep things deescalated. That's also why you saw a lot of police kneeling with the peaceful protestors from the summer. But this case is a really bad look, and I think totally different. For one, we'd already passed the point of "peaceful protest" when these terrorists were inside the cap building and had already injured the police officer depicted in the video posted above.
  20. I think Lindsey Graham got into the whipped cream vodka, but I like him a little better this way.
  21. I'm not sure I'd go that far, but I'd 1000% vote to convict and remove Trump if I were a US senator sitting on an impeachment trial. I'm not sure I've ever thought that about any president. Maybe Nixon. Definitely not Clinton or Trump the first time. This has gone too far. This has to stop.
  22. But I'm definitely glad Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz got their 2024 presidential campaigns kicked off.
  23. But for real, Trump is totally harmless. He will definitely accept the results of the election and won't incite violence. Even if he tries, no one will take it seriously and Republicans will rebuke him. Ooooooooooooooof.
  24. I’m a dude who has posted several times that this this the first election I’ve voted in in a while and that I expected that I’d end up supporting republicans at some point in the next 2-3 elections if I stayed a voter. But with the Republican establishment from McConnell to the Georgia senate candidate’s embrace of the Trumpian line about voter fraud, I’m not sure how I could ever vote Republican ever. Mail in votes take longer to count when you aren’t allowed to start processing or counting them until Election Day, so we undermine American democracy? I am pro-criminal justice and I don’t stand with the far left, which puts me out of step with the up and coming Democrats, but I will never vote for anyone who supports this. Ever. edit: I’m cool with Trump never conceding and tweeting for the next 10 years that he actually won. He’s not the problem here. Graham, Cruz, McConnell are.
  25. Maybe dumb question: how do nominations of sitting senators work? Sen. Warren is reportedly angling for Treasury. I wouldn't drop dead from shock if Sen. Sanders was nominated for Labor or something like that. With R majority, each of those nominations seems far-fetched. But what happens if it's 50/50? Can they vote for themselves? Might be moot anyway because at 50/50 the Biden admin might want to keep everyone they can in the senate to pass whatever legislation they can get through, even though Mass and Vermont would probably be easy Dem replacements?
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