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  1. Ouch this was hard for me to watch. Always pick the wrong guy. Fun hobby
  2. Starting cook, Jacobs, and Fournette over Wilson in standard
  3. I had cooks last night. Jacobs in my second slot. Playing him over Wilson in my flex in standard scoring. Not sure I feel super shiny over Jacobs as my 2 but SF game script with 3rd string QB to put in Wilson.
  4. What are thoughts on him vs Lions who sound like they may have some Covid out players? I'd RoJo is out is McCoy much of a threat?. Have Jeff Wilson in my flex in a standard league and Jacobs vs the phins. All 3 seem rather interchangeable. I just don't have a clear usage of Fournette in that offense.
  5. Decisions between Buff, who I discredited last week, vs NE or Mia vs LV. Really depends who has the better offense. I think LV can put some points up so may lean on Buffalo. One website I saw had them both kind of in the same tier and one had Mia as "hope you have better options " category.
  6. Rolling Hurts over a Goff. Just can't get a handle on what the Rams do. Jets have a tough run Def but soft secondary. Makes sense to throw but Sean may just pound it all game.
  7. I think Rashard Higgins is being severely under appreciated this week. His targets are 9 and 10 the last two weeks with a TD each week. They gave him a new contract. Cleveland offense is clicking. Also, Bradberry for the Giants is not playing. Huge factors. I'm seriously contemplating him over D Johnson this week mainly due to his drops issue despite Tomlin's vote of confidence.
  8. Ya the Den offense lately would give me pause where as it wouldn't have 4 weeks ago. The NE matchup just seems so tasty but what NE did against the Chargers a few weeks ago gives me pause with rookie QB. Seems like that could be a grind out slugfest . Not even sure right now what the over/under is in that game. If Mia had Fitz going I'd be inclined to roll Mia. They have the better D than Sea but man Haskins and no Gibson..... decisions 🤔
  9. I am seriously considering Sea since Alex isn't starting. I have Mia vs NE and Buff vs Den.
  10. Bradberry from the Giants now put on Covid list. Higgins in for a big day?
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