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  1. Just moved Henry for 2021 1.04 and 1.08 (1QB, PPR). I have the 1.12 also. I feel like that's about as good as it gets for him right now. The other guys in my league either weren't interested at all or were total lowballing. Maybe you could get more at the beginning of the season if you catch a contender in need. I won last season with him leading the way and I'm a contender this year but my team is getting a bit older so I like the option to get younger with multiple picks in a good class. That said, I may have just sold one of my best players when my team had one more shot at a title bef
  2. I'm thinking his prospects are looking a bit brighter with the so-probable-it's-certain-after-the-Darnold-trade Zach Wilson selection. A QB-WR pair hand selected by the new OC, both of whom are strong at play action, for an offense that will use a lot of it. Davis can run the whole route tree and Wilson seems like a smart passer with the arm to make all those throws as well as the accuracy and confidence to put up jump balls and let his receiver fight for it (Davis 2nd ranked behind M.Thomas in contested catch % since 2019). It seems like Davis has had some decent reasons (injuries,
  3. If the stars aligned I’d love to see ARob catching balls from Wilson.
  4. David Njoku - 2017 1st rounder, elite athletic profile, 2022 UFA but trying hard to get out of CLE, shown flashes of potential. Still only 24 w/4 years of nfl experience in a position that takes a long time to learn. Might just need a change of scenery. Looks like he's on the wire in most leagues. Lot of good recommendations in this thread. Would be cool if we could collate and tier them.
  5. I don't think anyone was suggesting that it topped a rank ordered list... but, I'm sure you knew that. Appreciate your opinions on fantasy football topics though.
  6. Totally agree MOP. Subtle things like this that hide in plain sight feed the belief (justified in my opinion) that there is an unwillingness to recognize the larger societal problem and take steps as individual citizens to engender change. I get that it's 'FANTASY' football, but it seems disingenuous to expect people to respect context when the words and the circumstances involved can so easily be misconstrued as being analogous to such sensitive history and issues. I appreciate that MOP approached this as a dialogue and 'food for thought' as opposed to trying to polarize the community wi
  7. Great topic. Colin Johnson - big slot, showing well with limited and poor quality targets: 17/30 for 264 yds (15.5 ypr), 2 TD. Gerald Everett - second this recommendation... seems like he's on a traditional TE growth timeline which is slower than it might have been with Higbee. High draft pick, great measurables, good production for the opportunities he's had, and UFA next year. Quintez Cephus - second this one too... great training camp, good tools, steady contributor with opportunity next year. 49ers DST - probably on the wire, this was the #2 D last year that got crushed
  8. I have both the 49ers and Browns rostered.... currently planning on starting the Browns. The 49ers are a better real world D, but the Browns score more fantasy points w/sacks and turnovers... at least in my league. The matchups seem like a wash.
  9. Fact checked myself; looks like over the past two games (week 1 2020, week 16 2019) he actually went: 25/105yds/1rec/6yds/0td in total. Week 4 2019 he did go 20/165/3td though.
  10. I'm a huge fan of Chubb, maybe not Soufly level, but big and I think he's the best pure runner in the NFL. That said, in the last two games combined against the Ravens, Chubb finished with 101yds and no touchdowns. So this weekend's first fantasy playoff game versus the #4 against the run Defense didn't look like a great matchup and now looks worse. Teller was out weeks 6 (@PIT), 7 (@CIN), and 8 (LVR). This overlaps with the same period Chubb was out so it's not totally damning, but he's definitely one of the key ingredients to Chubb's success and his loss is goin
  11. 49ers may be rounding back into shape. Sherman is back and I think a few others that went down earlier this year. The D has not been great for fantasy this year, but they've been top 10 in real world football. Crushed the Rams last week. Maybe the return of some playmakers will shift their fantasy fortunes. 13 vs Bills 14 vs FootballTeam 15 at Cowboys 16 at Cardinals
  12. My team should make the playoffs, especially with a quality FLEX which I think Ekeler can be regardless of Gordon's presence (and he should have a chance to lead the backfield next year), so I figured he was worth gambling a presumably late 1st on even if Gordon returned. I'd obviously prefer that to not have happened but 🤷‍♂️. I guess we differ on the definitions of premium and replaceable in this case... you may very well be right, but I hope not.
  13. Same. I was feeling pretty good about GB as a set and forget D ros; reconsidering that now.
  14. PPR 1QB, 2WR, 2RB, 2RB/WR/TE flex, PK, DST Gave: 2020 1st mid/late Got: Ekeler Went down before last weekend's games and Gordon's return news broke.
  15. Happy to correct if I'm missing some etiquette here... not a big poster, but I've been a follower of these forums for years. This thread in particular is a valuable resource, lot of great contributors here. A little puzzled about which part should've gone to AC tbh... posting a completed trade which gets a few replies evaluating it seems to be the norm.
  16. You asked. Perhaps I missed some fancy internet sarcasm in your first reply, I did think you were curious about the outcome, but the trade had already been executed. And I'm hardly the only one making value statements about trades in this forum. Seems like the underlying logic is as, if not more, valuable than picking the winning side of the trade. I don't see any advice requests in my post... but just in case, I'll solicit your stamp of approval before the next one.
  17. It got accepted. I really appreciate the debate on it. Still mulling over whether this was a win or not and what to do next. He seems QB and offense dependent in a way some of the true stud WR1's aren't. I've seen the explanations about scheme and usage to explain away 2016... but dropping 500+ yds and 8TD's on just 7 less catches seems pretty damning. I totally get that in the fantasy consciousness ARob still holds near 2015 value; I would have never paid that for reasons above. (Not claiming to be an accomplished trade-master.) I've got hopes, but I'm strongly considering packagin
  18. 12 team, 1pt PPR, 4pt PassTD... QB / 2RB / 2WR / TE / 2FLEX (RB,WR,TE) / K / DST A gives: Allen Robinson B gives: Lamar Miller, Tyrell Williams, 2017 3.01, 2018 2nd Really curious about opinions on this one.
  19. Team A gets Kenneth Dixon Team B gets Latavius Murray 12 person PPR, Team A is on a rebuild, Team B has an outside chance at playoffs and is going for it.
  20. To start, love this thread and the conversation on it. This is not a slam, just curious about this placement. That said, I really don't get this ranking. KA is going into his 4th year in the league and will still only be 24. He's the undisputed #1 receiver on his team and even though he was on track to have an insane 134 receptions when he went down in 2015, there's even more targets to go around in 2016. Whis is back who called his number in the RZ like mad as a rookie. They've upgraded their line and added a field stretcher to the mix; Gates is probably going to get even less targets. E
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