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  1. No more than a mid 2nd. Hard to envision him getting a long term deal where he's assured starting RB duties anymore, despite being relatively young.
  2. Thoughts on Mike Davis as a Falcon? Could still see them drafting a quality RB in round 2 or 3, but they will probably want to prioritize their porous defense, so there's a solid chance Davis could be the starter going into next season. Davis as the #1 guy there could be a sneaky high end RB2, with plenty of goal line opportunity and dump offs. Would you offer a late second or early third for him? And conversely, if you're a Davis owner, what would you look to get for him right now?
  3. Gotta think that Malcolm Brown signing with the Dolphins is bullish for Myles Gaskin. They could definitely still take a RB in the draft early on, but I think this is the kind of team that doesn't want to splurge/invest high draft capital at RB, and build elsewhere.
  4. You may be right. Seems like 1.08 is a pretty good offer gauging the responses in here. I hope you find someone who will offer you what Kupp is really worth. Appreciate the feedback. I'm leaning towards taking it.
  5. I should mention that it's not superflex. So it's likely that a few of those guys will be taken. I'd probably be looking at Bateman, Waddle, or Rondale Moore. You're right about Kupp being pretty mediocre the last year and a half, but he does have a gunslinger throwing him the ball now. Stafford should be able to get him better looks than Goff, who has regressed since 2018. The emergence of Akers as a potential workhorse concerns me. I do think Kupp can get back to form -- maybe not first half of 2019, but somewhere in between that and last year, which would put him around a high e
  6. Interesting. Surprised sentiment isn't higher on Kupp who is just a season removed from a top 5 PPR finish. But I understand the concerns - injury history, potential run heavy offense, may have already peaked. The 1.08 could nab a nice player though. I'm thinking of pulling the trigger.
  7. Just was offered 1.08 for Kupp in 0.5 PPR - thinking of pulling the trigger, but I want to ask for an extra 3rd on top. What's the general feeling on this one?
  8. Have been offered the 1.08 for my Cooper Kupp in 0.5 ppr dynasty. I won the ship last year, and my other WRs are Arob, DJ Moore, Deebo, Gabriel Davis, Van Jefferson. My RBs are Dobbins, Ekeler, Sanders, Gaskin. I also have the 1.02. Worth it or should I try to get more for Kupp?
  9. How would you guys value Cooper Kupp in 0.5 PPR? On the one hand, he's going on 28, with an injury history, and on a team that sometimes neglects him in the passing game for stretches. On the other hand, he's got a new QB who loves to sling the ball, put up 92 rec for 974 yds and 3 TD last season while playing injured, and doesn't have too much competition for targets. Would he be valued around a late first? What would you give for him?
  10. As a Gaskin owner I think it's gonna be hard to get fair value back, unless I package him with a shinier toy... so might be best to hold on to him. Guys like Gaskin are never appreciated the way they should be, and I agree that the Dolphins will probably want to spend their draft capital a receiver, a lineman, and maybe some good defensive pieces. But there is a chance they could take a RB in the first 3 rounds which would muddy the waters. Flores seems like he wants to stick with one guy at RB, for what it's worth.
  11. Bit of a weird one here - but how are you gauging Myles Gaskin's dynasty value? Doesn't have the draft capital of other guys around his age range, but just put up a pretty productive season with 142 totes for 584 rush yds and 3 TDs, along with 41 rec for 388 yds and 2 TDs... in 10 games. Very nice floor in PPR too - his lowest point total on the season was 9.2 in full PPR. He's shown he can handle a pretty big workload this season, despite not having much competition for carries. To me, Gaskin has looked good enough to carry the load next year, but the Dolphins could easily take another b
  12. I think it is also Staffords fourth straight year with 4,000+ passing yards. Nice!! how about those 19 Td's though!!
  13. Stafford is still ### though, don't get your hopes up. Get ready for lots of red zone picks and choking in the playoffs.
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