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  1. I’m down to start playing with you guys. Anyone around tonight?
  2. One of the cheapest handcuffs who has the one of the biggest chances of seeing the field this year. Love scooping guys like this up for free and reaping the benefits - year in, year out.
  3. 10 team 0.5 PPR league, transitioning to Superflex in 2 seasons (hence the QB run): 1.01 - Najee Harris 1.02 - Jamarr Chase 1.03 - Kyle Pitts 1.04 - Travis Etienne 1.05 - Javonte Williams 1.06 - Devonta Smith 1.07 - Jaylen Waddle 1.08 - Trevor Lawrence 1.09 - Elijah Moore 1.10 - Justin Fields 2.01 - Trey Lance 2.02 - Kadarius Toney 2.03 - Trey Sermon 2.04 - Zach Wilson 2.05 - Rashod Bateman 2.06 - Michael Carter 2.07 - Pat Freiermuth 2.08 - Terrace Marshall 2.09 - Mac Jones 2.10 - Amon Ra
  4. You can also get Nico Collins later who offers a lot of the same upside as Marshall
  5. Price check on Myles Gaskin? Would you move him for an early second/late first, or hold?
  6. 10 team 0.5 ppr Logan Thomas for a 2022 2nd (likely mid)
  7. The NBA is sooo boring these past few seasons-- idk what it is, but it's unwatchable. Maybe it's the constant 140-135pt games. Trading 3's back and forth just doesn't hit the spot. And now play in games? Why is it getting so gimmicky? Legitimately can't remember the last time I watched an entire NBA game start to finish and I consider myself a pretty big basketball fan. Just doesn't hit the same like it used to.
  8. Now that most of the dust has settled I’m wondering what Myles Gaskin and Mike Davis are worth. Both amazingly dodged all of the biggest threats to their workload, and both could be productive RB2’s in PPR. If you own these guys/want to trade for them, what would you want to get/be willing to give away?
  9. 1.01 - Chase 1.02 - Harris 1.03 - Pitts 1.04 - Etienne 1.05 - Williams 1.06 - Smith 1.07 - Waddle 1.08 - Sermon 1.09 - Elijah Moore 1.10 - Lawrence
  10. Really eyeing him at 1.08. Any RB that is plugged into that Shanny Niners offense puts up numbers. I'm very, very intrigued.
  11. Myles Gaskin and Mike Davis owners right now 📈
  12. Love Javonte in Denver. He'll have the backfield to himself once Melvin is out. I called it
  13. I can't see the Falcons burning their top two picks on offensive players when that defense is so dismal. Since they went with Pitts, I think they take a quality defensive player here; Moehring, Owusu-Koramoah, Samuel Jr come to mind. Dolphins could definitely be in play for Williams though.
  14. I can see Javonte going to the Broncos, which would put him in a tier below Chase/Harris/Pitts, in with Smith/Waddle. I think the Chargers, Raiders, Lions, and Chiefs will be in play for Elijah Moore, Terrace Marshall, and maybe Rondale Moore. If any of those guys go to LAC/GB/KC, I'd put them in with Smith/Waddle/Williams. But yes, it's looking more and more like there is a clear tier of 3 that are separate from the rest.
  15. Can't believe the Broncos passed on Fields with their QB options being Drew Lock and Teddy Bridgewater... like wtf.
  16. "Gym rat" "Lunch pail" type of guy "Sure handed" "Strong at the point of contact" "Quick feet" "Ball-hawk"
  17. Brady has a mancrush on AB. I think with a full offseason he should be better than last season and I could easily see him putting up a 90/1100/9 type season. Lots of mouths to feed, but also a lot of quality targets in that offense. I'll take the fresh-legged all-time great WR with the GOAT tossing him the rock over a rookie at 3.03 who's unlikely to pan out.
  18. 10 team 0.5 PPR league Received: Antonio Brown Gave: 2021 3.03
  19. It's just a comparison that popped in my head based on their body types/college production. I was trying to think of players in the NFL that match Smith's body comp and Westbrook came to mind. The fact that they had tremendous college production in their senior years is another parallel. Granted, you're completely right that Westbrook was a 4th rounder to the Jags. I expect Smith to be taken no later than the mid to late first. And yes, there have been some great Alabama receivers (Jones, Ridley, Cooper), but I don't know if we can attribute their success to Alabama. Bama is going to chur
  20. Anyone worried that Devonta Smith might be the next Dede Westbrook? Amazing college production and great route runners, but thin frames/injury proclivity and lack of truly game-breaking athletic ability holds them back from being truly productive NFL receivers.
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