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  1. Felt GGRREEAATT seeing Caldwell's stupid expression after the game losing touchdown. Stafford should have thrown for 5 touchdowns this night if Coach Caldfail hadn't curled up into the fetal position and turned conservative. This guy does not belong in a head coaching position. Didnt they do a physical before hiring him? If they had they would have discovered the mustard seeds where his balls are supposed to be. Lol at that idiot. Continue to lose Lions. Stupid of me to play Stafford tonight. I feel like George Bush. Fool me once....
  2. Watts is back on track and the fantasy community can get their panties out of a bunch. Oh yeah, and the Texans have won a few games.
  3. Coughed up Zac Stacy and a 2014 First (which turned out to be Odell Beckham) for Watts. Thought I overpayed days after I pulled the trigger. Starting to think I won that one (though I do like Beckham). Good receivers are a lot easier to find than guys like JJ. This guy is #######g catching touchdown passes. Let that sink in for a bit.
  4. Hosed? I cant wait to start early! The wife will still be sound asleep as I tip toe down the hall as if it was Christmas morning.
  5. Didn't do anything on the defensive side of the ball though (statistically speaking).
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