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  1. Super important to remember: First game back from IR No preseason No time to mesh with the offensive line Facing Superbowl Champion KC Chiefs Quarterback that no one on that defense respected Zero passing game Yet, he still churned out 100 yards. By week 6 or 7, we should know what we really have on our hands here. This was an exceptional first game considering the circumstances.
  2. Big believer in Damien Harris. This feels different.
  3. https://twitter.com/AB84/status/1187353116238323712?s=20 Thoughts?
  4. Does Antonio Brown join another team this year if the league investigation comes back favorably?
  5. Give me Golden Tate. Looks like Shepard still isn't ready and Arizona's defense has been susceptible to exploitation. Cooper is less than 100 percent and even if he goes, he runs the risk of early departure or decoy duty. Gore is likely giving up some carries (with Singeltary being worked in), and Michel is just too unpredictable at this point.
  6. I give: T. Coleman J. Mixon A. Jeffery I receive: L. Bell 12 team, Start: 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 2 FLEX, 1 K, 1 DFNS My roster: Wentz, Goff Mack, Jacobs, Coleman, Mixon OBJ, D. Adams, Thielen, Alshon, Sutton, Gallup, C. Davis Ertz, Henry SF Defense
  7. This is what makes me sad. What makes me sad is seeing the Ekeler owners twist and contort their bodies and narratives to fit a scenario where Ekeler is still the lead back. I dont care how rusty Gordon is. He is and will always be the superior option to Ekeler. I don't care how he has performed. HE is not coming back to play second fiddle to the backup. Contrary to reports, HE HAS been in touch with ownership and coaching and knows exactly what he is walking into. That is all.
  8. Own him and was pleasantly pleased by his usage and production. Hopefully this write up is dead wrong.
  9. I feel like between Hollywood Brown and McLaurin, Hollywood is the biggest risk. He is a very exciting Homerun hitter but can he get the singles and doubles that add up to points in the middle innings? Or will he be dependent on the long ball? McLaurin seems the safer option with similar potential for the long ball. The team situation also means more at bats for him as opposed to the Ravens who can run the ball down opponents throats an entire game and only need Lamar to toss it 15 times. Redskins will likely be playing from behind more often than the Ravens.
  10. Selling CMac. Selling solid players seems to be the thing to do.
  11. This guy is still going for first round prices? Reminds me of Beanie Wells. Only with hands.
  12. Love what I saw out of him today. He also seems to avoid big collisions while falling safely. Makes something out of nothing on every carry. Yes please.
  13. God knows CJ Anderson isn't doing anything to bump this thread. Posts like these are what make fantasy football fun when players aren't doing anything of relevance. I have been on the receiving end of quite a few told you so posts. They sting a little, but I TRY not to steal the joy from the guy who made the correct call. We are wrong more times than we are right. That is why it feels good to come in and collect propers. I liked that post from September because he had the unpopular opinion but stood his ground. My quote was my way of saying, great call. Nothing more. Peace
  14. Can I scrape some of the salt dripping from your posts unto my eggs. THey are underseasoned. Buddy, you don't need to be captain save a thread. If guys are right, let them be right. Even if it is only twice a day. Sheesh.
  15. HELP!!!! Keenan Allen and Houston defense have put this top ranked team behind the 8 ball against the number 8 playoff team in the league. Need to make a splash. Flex position options: Marlon Mack Sterling Shepard Robert Foster Josh Adams Please pick 1. Going to need miracle. Thanks.
  16. Love this post. New to the thread but some of the dumb dumbs in here were really on a good one. Jesus Christ. Was it complete roster bias or just plain ignorance? You decide since it’s unlikely any of them comes back to own it. I know I wouldn’t. Sheesh.
  17. Assuming Conner retains the starting role and Leveon Bell stays away, which side would you prefer? PPR
  18. I agree. We are not talking about some unknown talent here. Teams know exactly why he held out too. Bell will be fine next season.
  19. Buddy, that fantasy is long gone. Bell has already changed his Twitter handle from Steelers RB to All Pro RB. The writing is on the wall. Trade him to some dumb dumb who is behind in the news. Good luck.
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