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  1. 1 hour ago, kittenmittens said:

    Any update on when he is back?  All I see is "No timetable" and being ruled out on Monday for the week 13 game can't be a sign that he's close to returning.

    Also Williams has looked good, so I doubt they are going to rush Mack back.

    Guess I'm in the minority here, but I've thought Williams looks like jag personally. He's had a couple of nice runs that I've been impressed with, but it's the O-line & volume making him look good vs Williams looking for real. Just my opinion.

  2. 34 minutes ago, ChuckLiddell said:

    Checked the Broncos Depth Chart.  They are going to need to bring another QB in.  Allen, Flacco, and Lock ar ethe only QBs on the roster, and Flacco and Lock are not healthy.  They either bring in a street free agent QB, or they make a trade by 4:00 tomorrow.  

    Rosen/Fitz,  Beathard, Foles all seem like they could be had with only Foles being expensive.  Any of those guys, or Colin Kaepernick are probably an upgrade over Brandon Allen and possibly even over Flacco, although you never know with Allen since he has never thrown a pass in an NFL game.

    Lock is healthy just needs to get in some reps. Rypien is on the practice squad and will pry be called up for this week to serve as the #2. Trading for or signing anyone at this point is a complete waste. Roll with what we got...

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  3. 14 hours ago, SayWhat? said:

    I’ll tell you what, it’s bad enough rooting for a team saddled with a max Andrew Wiggins.  But it’s even worse that he feels disrespected being left off ESPN’s list of its top 100 players.  You cant be any more oblivious than to make the following comment, "Even when I averaged almost 24 points and got the max deal, people were still saying stuff," he added. "Look at max players and some max players don't average as much, but it is what it is.“

    You know what you a sshat? Tons of NBA players could average 24ppg if they were putting up 19 shots per game.  In addition to being elite at inefficiently scoring, you suck at rebounding, can’t create for others, give zero ####s on defense, and make free throws at a clip equivalent to a backup center.  But other than that, you’re pretty ####### awesome!  This guy.  :wall:


    Between his play on the court and his contract the guy is a complete drain on this team. I'd say closer to the 200 mark than top 100. 

  4. Think there is some over-reacting going on in here IMO. Obvious cut? Ya no. Unless you play in a 3 team league with short benches. 

    Expectations for him need to be lowered considerably from where he was drafted. But also keep in mind, they played the Bengals last night. Not to many games on their schedule where you can say the Steelers will be playing with a comfortable lead all night.

  5. 13 hours ago, DJackson10 said:

    WWE is so desperate to get Roman over they are now using a should be retired Undertaker. Pathetic and embarrassing 

    This. I think I'm done with WWE for awhile. I just can't take anymore of them forcing people down our throats. So much talent being neglected yet we STILL are trying to get Roman over. 

    AEW can't get on TV quick enough.

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  6. Same story as most in here. However I have recently just gotten back into things (Ebay) buying cards here and there that I just like. Haven't gone crazy by any means thus far, but I do have a question for the OP or others that are up on the hobby. What is the best way to look up values? Back in the day it was spenda few $$ for the most recent Becket Card Monthly, is that still a thing? Looking online it appears Becket only has a subscription service now? 

  7. Don't have time to link it up for you, but we bought the Coway AP-1512HH off Amazon a little over a year ago. We love it. 

    Have had 2 other people go out and buy the same one after visiting our house a couple of times. It makes a noticeable difference. 

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