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  1. Lazard was so wide open. Aaron doesn’t usually force it to Adams in most cases but the last 2 plays looked like forces. Even if David doesn’t knock it down he’s not scoring in mho.
  2. Sometimes coaches get to cute I think, but you do have to try and keep teams honest, you can’t run every time on first down.
  3. Wow. That’s one way to not put a team away. Or two ways actually. A terrible throw and a drop.
  4. They are broken down individually, but the average is a weekly average vs that position. If you click on a team and them look at a week, like Zona Vs Linebackers, joe had 7 points, schmo had 8 points and moe had 10 points 25 total for the week and an 8.3 average or whatever. Also this is done by the site and I am assuming based on our scoring, so I am pretty sure it’s accurate.
  5. Arizona gives up the 22nd most points to LB’ers so they are on the bottom 3rd. If your league is run through MFL, go here, under league menu —-> league —-> then points allowed by position. You can see any position on any team and how that position scores on them. If you click the team and see how individual players did and how they scored.
  6. Agree Sho. But we will get destroyed by Ten if we play like we did Saturday night. That was such an ugly offensive performance in the second half against a average or worse defense. Didn’t make any sense, you could also tell Rodgers was getting pissed/frustrated at himself and everyone else. I would like to see us “win” the top spot, but a back in counts also.
  7. Pack looking awful, this is about to be a real game if Carolina scores again. Panthers have been making great solo tackles the past few drives.
  8. I would add the name Terrell Burgess Rams safety 3rd rounder, was used slightly this year then got hurt in the game he played the most and went on IR. I always like safeties and lb’ers usually the highest scoring idps at least in my leagues. So later in the year I start to scan the WW for guys like this to add to my roster.
  9. Kenny Vacarro is out, Hooker the starter at SS today? Good matchup I think with a team that runs a lot. If anyone needing a safety fill in.
  10. But why is Jeffrey in the game and going deep he sucks and he may be the slowest wr in the nfl.
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