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  1. I disagree with Irv not being a solid add. I cant imagine any dyno league, let alone TE premium leagues that he would be on the WW. The other two are dart throws in buy low situations. I dont hold out much hope for Harry, but if LA fades Henry and an early TE in the draft, Parham is very interesting. If you're choosing between bench fodder you know and bench fodder with upside, I can see his add being only neutral to positive. Cost next to nothing and easily cut. But if he has a Logan Thomas type season next year he would be a big value. Anywho, I was the side getting Higgins. Consol
  2. 12 team ppr te prem Team A gets- Shenault, Reagor, Nkeal Harry, Irv smith jr, donald Parham Team B gets- Tee Higgins, mims
  3. I know its early, but wow this is a terrible mock
  4. The context of the team you are negotiating with is also relevant. If I have 3 "starters" and you have 1, you are gonna have to pay up. Same idea for young Rbs. (obv no '21 rookies in here, but throw Harris, ETN, and Williams in here) CMC, JT, Kamara, Barkley, Cook, Swift, Chubb Dobbins, Henry, Akers, CEH, Zeke, Jacobs, Sanders, Jones, Gibson, Ekeler, Mixon, Robinson, Montgomery, Hunt, Carson Depending on your league, most of these guys cost at least one 1st. Prolly iffy when you get to Hunt and Carson, but you get the point. There are almost an exact number of Qbs, (not
  5. IMO, its not really much different than young RB1's in more traditional type leagues. It just adds another element of the "elite" tier type player that you have to pay up for. You still have to pay a 1st in most leagues to get a guy like Jacobs, or Mixon. Those guys are akin to guys like Carr or Cousins in a superflex league. According to DLF, players like Stafford are essentially the same value as a guy like david montgomery. In a 1 qb league, i doubt anyone is doing that straight up. It just sort of balances the equation value wise, similar to how TE premium helps balance out value
  6. Feelings on Viska? I have him or Chark in a lot of spots. I am starting to get nibbles for Viska, but im not sure im inclined to move on. Where would you all value him in this class of wr. Top 5-10-20?
  7. Is he tho? based on what? I get that he is young. But other than that, what is so desirable? 242/1150/7 in 2019 with 20 catches on 27 tgts for 166 yds 0 tds 273/1065/12 in 2020 with 33 catches on 45 tgts for 238 0 tds Targets went up this year, they hardly used richard or booker, like 40 combined targets to them total. and 115 total carries between them. So even when he gets half the receiving work and 70+% of the carries, which is basically everything. He is so ineficient You get rb ~8 on the best year? I think im selling if i get the 1.05 or something there abouts.
  8. Single qb I assume?If so I feel like thats right about where I would sell him also. If i was a competing team, and currently held my late 1st and had no RB depth, then maybe in that specific scenario I would hold here. But im not a huge jacobs fan. He is a meh talent getting by on TDs
  9. right on. I have the 1.01, am taking TLaw 99.9% and wanted that connection. Have 3 1sts and 2 more 2's, so some roster clearing was gonna need to happen. I like Davis a lot, edwards i am cooling on but i scooped him up everywhere last draft season. Hopefully its not too big of a mistake
  10. 12 team sf/te prem sent - B edwards, Gabe davis, 2.02 Got - Chark
  11. That would be gross tbh. That would be the risk you take I suppose. I think its more likely than not that they look to free agency to address the qb situation there. If so, there are a couple people that I could see getting a short term deal and it not being a total disaster for the other fantasy options in Washington; Fitz, Dalton, or winston would be decent. Dak is out there lingering in the ether, and Washington isnt scared to spend money, they will have like 40 mil in cap space next year. If you really think Cam is the main target and likely to start (at least at the start of the
  12. Thomas is one of those guys where if you dont have one of the top 4-5 guys, you should prolly be attempting to buy even if it seems somewhat steep right now. If nothing else you can flip him post draft or in camp next year when whatever new qb they bring in looks promising. His value is likely only going up moving forward unless a major injury occurs. He is in a situation similar to Kelce or Waller where he is the 1A or B option for targets most weeks. Thats hard to find for cheap out of a te
  13. 12 team superflex where do we have Lamar vs Watson rn? if you owned one, and someone offered you the other one, what types of things needed to be added, if anything to get it done?
  14. Im not sure if Hou is actually a good spot, they don't target the RB a ton I agree, esp Pitt I think Id rank them Pit, Atl, NYJ, SF, Mia, Sea, Den, Bills The last 5 could be better than it looks rn, they just need more targets to the RB or the potential of a workhorse opportunity.
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