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  1. Best case scenario is TT is the taysom hill of Jax. Which would be fine, if Urban Meyer was Sean Payton
  2. unforgivably bad is a bit hyperbolic, but the talent at other positions of need that were on the board there mad much more sense. I find it hard to believe that even if they were drafting BPA that ETN was the pick there, but maybe for them he was. Just strange strategy to have wanted Toney who is a gadget player and presumably his Percy Harvin/Curtis Samuel type role player, and then take ETN as a consolation. They pass on a couple corners at 25 to take a corner at 33 who has played 3 years and has 1 int. Pass on Friermuth 2x in the 2nd, just to sign tebow who wont make the opening day roster.
  3. Yeah thats my point. its decent or slightly above average when you include the TLaw pick... The ETN pick is unforgivably bad. Holes everywhere on that team, and they go RB. Also allegedly Meyer wanted Toney. Which is also not a good prospect or a need really. Drafted a few guys coming off knee injuries. How many times did that work out for you in SF Baalke?
  4. man, Meyer is so bad This is so dumb, and when you factor in how poorly they drafted, yikes
  5. https://www67.myfantasyleague.com/2021/home/30809#1 https://www68.myfantasyleague.com/2021/home/64549#1 https://www56.myfantasyleague.com/2021/home/33133#1 https://www.fleaflicker.com/nfl/leagues/310917/drafts
  6. Got him at 3.7 in a 12 team super flex league. I feel like he fell a bit because of the AR12 issues rn, I was happy with him at that spot
  7. If something like - J williams to SF, Elijah Moore to Chargers, and Marshall to Chiefs in Rd 2 happens, are any of them moving drastically up after the day 1 landing spots?
  8. This is a solid point but J Rob also had literally 99% of the volume or something crazy like that. This muddys the water a ton for both in terms of opportunities they might get. If they are both really efficient they could be contributors to your fantasy team, but their value just dropped a lot from any ideal scenario
  9. For who? certainly not the lions in this scenario.
  10. This I think its unlikely Chi, or WFT can move up to the 6-7 spot, I would assume the Panthers arent in the market for a qb at this point in rd 1, although its not out of the question. So that makes 9 a very decent spot for one of Lance or Fields to fall assuming SF takes Jones. Whichever one of these qbs falls to 9, they are going to take them.
  11. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/nfl-mock-draft-2021-49ers-give-the-nod-to-justin-fields-broncos-make-surprise-grab-at-no-9/ "Yes, the Bengals would do well to go after former LSU weapon La'Marr Chase -- who also helped propel Joe Burrow to a national championship, a Heisman and the No. 1-overall pick last season -- but the team doesn't need a reminder of how quickly their fortunes can tank if Burrow gets injured. For that reason, send them Sewell, an all-world specimen who can protect as either a left tackle or guard." "experts"
  12. ive done a few 5,10,25 dollar ones so far, here are some links to the draft boards; these are in order of start date https://draft.shgn.com/mfl/plain/dpf/455/grid https://draft.shgn.com/mfl/plain/dpf/466/grid https://draft.shgn.com/mfl/plain/dpf/470/grid https://draft.shgn.com/mfl/plain/dpf/478/grid https://draft.shgn.com/mfl/plain/dpf/483/grid https://draft.shgn.com/mfl/plain/dpf/530/grid https://draft.shgn.com/mfl/plain/dpf/535/grid https://draft.shgn.com/mfl/plain/dpf/710/grid got a few more still going, happy with some of these, others not
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