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  1. Did you start 2-0? Depends how much risk you want to take in CMC coming back to form. If it were me, I’d accept. CMC and Julio could be game changers down the road. You could also try to swap Lamp for Gallup if you see lamb growing into a bigger role.
  2. Non-ppr. starters are qb/rb/Tb/we/wt/te/flex. Flex is we/te. Keeper/redraft but assume no keeper values on these players. Team B current roster - Lamar/CEH/ekeler/juju/cooper/AJ brown/Hollywood/goedert/henry. A bunch of bench players who aren’t as relevant to trade
  3. Which side would you choose: Team A gets: Ekeler/Juju/Henry Team B gets: Fournette/Mike Williams/Andrews Relevant or not relevant: Team B has Lamar as QB, Team A loves the Steelers. Thanks. If you post your question, I will answer.
  4. I am facing almost this exact dilemma in my non-ppr 12 team keeper league. Kamara and Henry are kept and I have the 1.4. Assuming cmc, Barkley and zeke go 1-3, I’m looking to choose between cook, CEH, Jacobs and mixon. I’m viewing it as a toss up and the decision is who do I want and who would I regret not taking since each has drawbacks. Strength of schedule, off field (cook contract issue), particpation on offense (3rd down role), offensive line and coaching history. I’ve been spending way too much time debating with myself on the pick, but I’m leaning towards trying to trade back 2-3 s
  5. Granted, a stock picked in a contest may not be the stock one would put real cash into if they had say 10k. Some of these are very speculative. Would be interesting if each pick came with a few sentences of reasoning behind the pick. Always nice to add some things to ones radar.
  6. Makes total sense. Part of my thought process in my original post was around a QB whose home/road performances are vastly different. When looking at a stack, how much concern is placed on the fact that half the games are played outdoors vs. indoors or home vs. away. Each situation is unique just like a stack, however, a team like the Steelers with Big Ben performs much different on the toad than at home. IIRC, Brees had a home/road difference the last few seasons. Do these splits also go into ones thinking around your league’s playoff schedule? Knowing a team plays th
  7. Anyone have a Conner/Juju stack? I have some worry given the home/road play of Big Ben, but touches should definitely be there for those guys.
  8. Based on the responses, I assume this is just acting and not producing/directing? Every answer will depend on several categories: money, fame and/or respect. Maybe add writing Dicaprio Actors who come to mind who also have done animation: Robin Williams Mike Myers Dwayne Johnson Actor/Writer: Damon Stallone Producers/Directors seem to get respect and make money without the fame outside of the industry. Not a bad gig to have.
  9. ... He won't be in on any goal to go plays while Gore is still healthy.
  10. I am getting the same message. Is the a code that people can use on footballguys.com so those who cannot deposit with draft.com can get the $10 promotion?
  11. Working on NFL Mobile app. Although it has been about 10 mins behind the action for the past two weeks.
  12. Same here. If I started him I would have won by .12 pts. He has been inconsistent, but I think that Brees tends to be inconsistent every year especially on the road. When Brees clicks, they all click (one exception was the 0 game this year for cooks). I owned Cooks last year and was tired of the frustration only to trade him away and watch him go off. He is desean-like in the very high upside, but I think his floor, removing the outliers, is about 4/60.
  13. While I do agree with this, aren't alot of contracts negotiated to be incentive based (ie # of catches, tds, yds, etc.) to some degree. Maybe he feels slighted towards his contract. Also, when it comes to the nfl, most of the wr1 have a similar attitude when they feel they are not getting the ball. Nfl.com article about trade rumors. He likely feels he needs to showcase his talent to get a good deal with his new team next year. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000750224/article/brandin-cooks-could-be-at-center-of-offseason-trade-talks I don't blame him for speaking
  14. Love/Hate relationship continues with this guy. Seems like the guy you want to have before the season starts and the guy you wonder why you have during the season. Love his effort, but has to know his limitations. No need to dive for that overthrown ball when he is already banged up.
  15. Even if Brees threw 10 passes, at least 1 should have been thrown towards a playmaker like cooks. This games was close the entire first half and within 2 scores during part of the 2nd half. We can chalk it up to a dud game, but Brees has been looking his way less and less as Thomas has stepped up. One of the more frustrating FF players to own the last 3 seasons.
  16. FWIW - nfl.com explanation: " In order to avoid real-life conflicts of interest, NFL.com Fantasy may only reflect contractual, positional, or injury designation changes for players in our platform once they are officially submitted by the player's team. In other words, a player must be what he is because that's what the team that signed him said he is, not because of statistics, ability, pay, rumors, or reports. This is because we are the NFL; not just a media company reporting on the NFL. "
  17. Deion named him the game's difference maker if that helps any.
  18. While I do like Gordon's ability and think he will put up points when he comes back, didn't he blow past grimes? As a dolphins fan I can tell you that happened too often last year.
  19. Isn't every player one good hit away from IR? Everyone thought Stafford was undraftable after his numerous injuries and no one saw Brady's knee injury coming either. I recall Charles going down for the year as well and he is going in the 1st rd this year. It's all a crapshoot, but I wouldn't put Gronk in the same category as Mcfadden... yet.
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