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  1. favorite is a loaded word, meaning different things to different people; not sure it matters, but my answer is Rosemary's Baby
  2. its not good, so yes, being the highest rated makes it overrated
  3. Good on you bro. We took in a teen who was mostly raising himself when both his parents ODed and died. Not the kind of choice I ever envisioned having to make with two little kids already in our home. Glad we did it, and you will be too.
  4. No conspiracy, but it feels weird. How many survivors should should we expect to be dead by now, 4 seems like a lot.
  5. You're the guy who used to pretend he's attracted to underage girls, right?
  6. Whatever floats your boat. I have memories of a time when this place wasn't so polarized. The ol swcer was a part of those memories, still is, just sad its come to this.
  7. Remember when the ol swcer wasn't so serious and political me too take that to the bank brochachi
  8. Pretty sure crotch punching is already outlawed. Aren't you an attorney?
  9. Punch me in the crotch at your own risk chachi
  10. Dude is now the record holder for most kills In one sitting
  11. I don't think we know the answer to that. An arguably reasonable speculation would be that he had lots.
  12. This guy is the anti stereotype. He's the first old rich white guy to ever flip out like in this. No motive makes it worse. The conspiracy theories write themselves.
  13. No offence here Henry but I get it, everyone's uptight and this ain't the place
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