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  1. They won't get mine either. This past year has really soured me on the Republican party and It'll be a long time before I vote for someone with an R next to their name.
  2. 1- Rogue One/New Hope- I consider it one movie now. But this was the one that kicked it off. Saw it 24 times in the theater on it's original run. No other movie comes close to having the impact that this one did for me. Rogue One really grew on me after the second and third viewing and really like the "war-movie" feel of it. Excellent lead-in to a New Hope. 2- Empire- Just excellent in all phases. 3- Mandalorian- Really captures the true Star Wars feel in ways that I thought were lost. The emotions felt on the last episode were fantastic. Ashoka's episode was just as amazing to me.
  3. Had this discussion at work the other day. Here were my top two: I Believe in Father Christmas- U2 Little Drummer Boy- For King and Country I just can't get into the Christmas mood until I hear these two songs.
  4. My grandfather- Stoked my love about the three "F's" in life- Food, Football and Flying Spock (Leonard Nimoy)- My favorite fictional character that taught me that decisions based in logic have a MUCH higher degree of success than those made with emotion David Meyer- My first area manager that taught me the most about how to successfully run restaurants Neil Peart- His drive for perfection in something he loved was inspirational
  5. Just wanted to say thanks again. I appreciate it.

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