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  1. Seemed like White was getting the hurry up snaps last night, it'd help a lot if Burkhead could take that role.
  2. I've returned a few things without receipts, they can usually look it up at the Returns desk.
  3. For me CGI Tarkin was fine until I found out he was CGI, then I couldn't unsee it.
  4. Pretty mild spoilers http://ew.com/movies/2017/05/04/star-wars-rian-johnson-force-awakens-ending/
  5. I generally agree with this article but also totally agree with MikeApf. If they franchise Cousins this year and maybe next and he eventually walks away with the Redskins getting no compensation, that's a huge misstep by the front office IMO. I agree that Cousins has been propped up some by the talent around him and Jay's system but I don't blame him for not signing long term. Despite whatever limitations he has, I still expect him to approach the very top end of QB salaries if he hits the open market. He probably thinks he can go anywhere and do what he's done, and especially with Kyle.
  6. http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/redskins-dysfunctional-ways-on-display-again-as-team-mishandles-gms-absence/ La Canfora is always extra cynical on the Skins but he is speculating that maybe they are trying to get McCloughan to quit like they did with Zorn, that seems possible to me? It also says they're already looking for a new GM and the GM from Bruce's Tampa days is in play. I know it's pretty normal around the league but they REALLY like hiring their old friends.
  7. I totally agree with this but remember that something fairly similar has already happened twice and San Fran and Seattle both managed to handle it relatively quietly. And they may be wrong, but the general consensus among the media is that Scot is not going to stick around so there's probably not good reason for Bruce to cover for Scot til he gets better. I'm sure Scot shares some blame but I never give the front office the benefit of the doubt, track record is just too much of a mess. It'll all come out sooner or later, always does.
  8. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/redskins/jay-gruden-earned-hard-to-get-security-with-the-redskins-but-also-a-new-burden/2017/03/05/6518acf2-01df-11e7-ad5b-d22680e18d10_story.html?utm_term=.f2ecbbfdcc0b I thought this article described Gruden pretty well. I didn't think it was a great pick at the time and there are times where he really comes off as a doofus, but this description made sense to me and I'm starting to appreciate him. I'm not sure I agree this extension means substantially more pressure for Jay though - it feels more like Bruce Allen saying "LOOK OVER HERE!!" to distract everyone from the current mess.
  9. It's certainly written as if it's fact as opposed to his assumptions. It would not surprise me at all considering past history and McCloughan supposedly being muffled at the Senior Bowl.
  10. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/redskins/fans-say-in-scot-we-trust-but-bruce-allen-is-still-calling-redskins-shots/2017/02/22/79be4e9c-f86a-11e6-be05-1a3817ac21a5_story.html?utm_term=.ead504d17e76
  11. In for this, switched to cold brew a while back and now I really only have hot coffee if I am out somewhere or need more at work. Any suggestions on good beans/roasts for cold brew or any drink recipes? My wife recently received a gift basket with Godiva chocolate coffee in it, I made cold brew and mixed it with berry seltzer water and I actually really liked it. Very different from typical hot coffee and cream.
  12. Yeah, would love to hear a recommendation of how big a portion (obviously risk tolerance varies). I have my 401K equity heavy and tilted small cap but I am still fairly young.
  13. I think they've been more transparent like this a couple times before with him, my guess is he/his agent/his people are trying to look out for his health and try to remove any pressure on him to rush back. He has leverage that not many other players have obviously. Hope this isn't the beginning of the end but that seems very possible considering the back injuries go back to college. He's become one of my favorites after having him in fantasy a few times.
  14. Back at practice today, hopefully it won't be a gametime decision.
  15. I picked up Bennett because he seemed like both a handcuff and best available waiver tight end at the time but I will drop him to stream when Gronk is out from now on. Bennett's floor seems pretty low even with Gronk out.
  16. Personally I'd accept that really quickly, Freeman's situation is just much better even when Coleman comes back.
  17. Just saw on twitter Dave Chapelle is hosting on November 12 and Tribe Called Quest is musical guest.
  18. FWIW, earlier this week Rich Hribar mentioned on twitter that Hoyer has a really strong propensity to throw to the right side of the field, I believe only Carr was favoring that side more. Not sure where to find the exact numbers but apparently White strongly prefers playing on the right side. Maybe Jeffrey gets to play on that side more going forward? Believe Hoyer was something like 46% right vs 22% left.
  19. I saw it earlier on twitter but can't find it now to give proper attribution - someone pointed out that through four games last year, Odell's receptions and yards were almost identical, the receptions were within 1 or 2 and yards were within 25 or so. Only real difference is the two TDs. However, that is ignoring targets which may be an issue. As JBZ pointed out Eli doesn't really need to force it to Odell anymore. I usually don't do the armchair interview psychologist thing, but some of his comments about the refs after the game seemed bad to me - they were very "they're out to get me and no one else" and seemed kinda silly.
  20. FWIW I actually just saw this AM in a Rich Hribar (Rotoworld) that Fleener still finished as the 6th tight end overall in 2014 and actually had the most weeks as top scoring TE of anyone that year as well. I think his price is starting to creep up which worries me, I think his athletic profile/Brees means he's a good bet for a top 5 TE but that's about what he costs now too.
  21. Earlier this week on the Junkies (DC radio) it was mentioned how Hue Jackson has made RG3 his personal project and he's very personally invested in trying to ensure he succeeds (above and beyond what you'd expect, obviously every head coach wants his starting QB to be good). Good to see him sliding some, he has always been so bad at protecting himself when he runs. We'll see if this actually works out but he's great to watch when he plays like he did last night, he's really capable of some great throws.
  22. Anecdotal observation - I've noticed the Chipotle lines have been longer my last few times in there because they've gone from five or six employees down to three or four, line definitely moving slower than usual. Lines still not as long as they used to be.
  23. MIGHT BE A SPOILER FOR SOME PEOPLE SO BEWARE https://streamable.com/rzww Sorta decent footage of the exclusive trailer that was shown last week, apparently they asked everyone to put their phones away so I have not seen any footage better than this yet.
  24. I really like Bennett and hope he stays cheap, but I saw Rich Hribar make a good point on twitter earlier today - in 2011 when both Gronk and Hernandez were strong TE1s together, the Pats passing game had really low involvement from the RBs (excluding Hernandez who played out of the backfield some). Looks like 58 targets for RBs that year whereas Dion Lewis had 50 and James White had 54 last year, along with another 30 for Bolden too. I think Bennett will need one of the other main options to get hurt to be an every week fantasy starter.
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