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  1. Odd way to end the season. I suppose they would have shown the bombs hitting if the show hadn't been renewed.
  2. They should keep ####### with us and keep Morgan a week behind the group for the next three seasons. Just showing him in the after credit scenes every episode.
  3. No. You never see the church exterior from the front. Link to scene
  4. Noah was in the most danger of a stray bullet there. Just watched that scene again and love the "oh ####" faces after Beth is shot. Especially Sasha's.
  5. Did it a couple years ago. Kids loved it. CMs were great, handing out candy like Halloween. Little to no crowds. Going this week and decided at the last minute to get tix for the Christmas Party. It was on Bucket list, and figured we won't be going this time of the year again while kids are young (pre-teens) so it will have most effect. It will be a surprise for wife and kids, just need a way to say it's from Santa! Any thoughts? It's towards the end of our trip. When we went to Orlando in December 2011, we brought our Christmas stockings and hung them in the hotel room. Occasionally "Santa's elves" left stuff in our stockings overnight: usually gift cards for the day's food and souvenirs, but sometimes event tickets like Mickey's Christmas Party.Wow. What did that run you? It looks like you're reading this the same way I did at first, which was housekeeping or other cast members sneaking into the room in the middle of the night. That seemed creepy as hell. Then I came to my senses.
  6. If something doesn't happen on camera, we've been instructed to assume it happens off. So we can assume Beth/Maggie/Daryl reunited and hugged it out before the trade went down, which is why Beth appeared more emotionally attached to Noah than anyone else during the actual trade itself. Not sure why Beth left Maggie/Daryl to go back to the cop side before the trade.. but it is what it is Maggie wasn't there.
  7. It was nice of Rick and crew to avoid completely destroying a functioning society for once.
  8. I think that she realized that Dawn is evil and had been manipulating her to do stuff like kill the other cops. In the scheme of things in that world Don was hardly evil. A tyrant, sure, but I wouldn't go as far as 'evil'. She killed Hanson She allowed the officers to rape She manipulated Beth into killing people all to acquire and maintain power She was pretty damn evil... Rick has done worse.
  9. [hotsportsopinion] Beth got exactly what she deserved. [/hotsportsopinion]
  10. If I'm ever chased by a car I hope I have the wherewithal to NOT stick to the center of the street.
  11. Seems like the "stay with us" offer from the hospital cop should have at least been considered. Rick would step into the vacated leader role and make some changes. It's relatively safe, they have generators, and the potential to help people. Sounds pretty appealing. But they just saw Beth get shot in the head, so I understand walking away.
  12. Really? Go away, there are any number of explanations for that. If you want to complain, complain about how Dawn's gun was hollered when Beth stabbed her yet it suddenly was in her hand and went off "accidentally". Not to mention the makeup job for the bullet hole, to of the head? Wouldn't it be under her chin based on the angle?But that Daryl and Dasha aren't in the camera shot on top of the garage from below its really petty. So are the two things I posted, really, they don't really bother me, just two things I noticed. Oh come on. There is no way those two would be visible just behind Rick. It's just lazy directing/editing.So what? And I'm assuming you meant "wouldn't". It's immaterial to the episode.Yes "wouldn't ". Never said it was important to the plot but just another example of how sloppy this show is. Again so what? Why bother posting it expect to get a reaction? I don't see this as sloppy, there are any number of reasons they weren't in that shot. I don't normally pick apart this show, but I'm with Malloy on this one. That didn't make sense. The black cop looking around like "where did that shot come from???" was weird. The preacher's actions were also annoying but I can accept that dumb characters do dumb things.
  13. Tara is underrated. the face is meh, but the rest is good to go. :yabos: Indeed. Even the face is underrated imo. Link. Note: probably been mentioned but I didn't realize her brothers in real life are Hyde from "That 70's Show" and Francis from "Malcolm in the Middle".
  14. Also, Glenn seems to be putting together a pretty solid little harem.
  15. maybe Sasha dies because of Tyreese being a #####.. making Tyreese change his ways and turn into a bad ### killing machine? That would make a lot of fans happy. I don't have a huge problem with Tyreese being a big softy though. This group is mostly bad ### killing machines at this point. Somebody has to balance that out a bit. Yea but why make the character who was THE bad ### killing machine in the comics into the pansy ### #####? Maybe because Daryl wasn't in the comics. Most viewers didn't read the comics, so it doesn't bother them to have Tyreese as the "gentle giant" character. I thought it was interesting that Rick chose Michonne to stay back and look after his kids. Tyreese is a proven babysitter, but Rick obviously has a lot more faith in Michonne.
  16. maybe Sasha dies because of Tyreese being a #####.. making Tyreese change his ways and turn into a bad ### killing machine? That would make a lot of fans happy. I don't have a huge problem with Tyreese being a big softy though. This group is mostly bad ### killing machines at this point. Somebody has to balance that out a bit.
  17. Season 5 just finished filming Saturday. We saw on the Talking Dead that Sasha is now 8 months pregnant. Will she continue this physical demanding role in that state? If she does, will the character be pregnant in the second half of the season? Or will they try to hide it? Seems like a good time to kill her off...
  18. The Imagineers who spent years studying and replicating a Nepalese village are now silently weeping.
  19. You know who else was eased in following His return? Jesus.
  20. Sky's father aged I think. When they did the flash back at the end when he finds Sky's mom dead, they digitally made him look much younger than he was in present time. Yep. Between Sky's mom getting disected and Ward killing his own family this was a really dark episode.
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