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  1. Insult to injury - I also have the highest point total scored but won't make the playoffs lol one of those years.
  2. Needed Gibson to outscore McKinnon by 5 points to make the playoffs...
  3. That screaming you hear isn't the 12th man... it's me and all the other Carson owners.
  4. I actually played him that week (complete desperation play, my team was in the gutter, and I'm a Pats fan so figured might as well). Still lost the week haha
  5. I hear ya. Started Hasty (but also have A-Aron so it balanced out). Twice this year I've had the second highest scoring team of the week on the week I played the highest scoring team. Just one of those years 🤷‍♂️
  6. The "rush back" would've been this past week though if I'm understanding correctly. All reports seemed to indicate he was good to go for Sunday but the Pack didn't want to rush it.
  7. Looks like the Hawks are brining back Alex Collins pending a COVID test/protocol... most likely for depth since three of their four RBs are banged up but doesn't make me feel great about Carson.
  8. I traded Gordon immediately after the DUI for Keenan Allen thinking I was solid at RB... if Jones doesn't go I get the luxury of picking two from Homer, Hasty, and Moss 🤮
  9. Jones, Carson, and Gibson are my starting RBs... lookin GRIM this week.
  10. Might've even been an INT. Didn't look like it hit the ground.
  11. I think he'll be fine ROS. I think his usage in the run game week 1 was more of an easing him back into things in a game that was quickly in SEA control.
  12. Once he got into a rhythm he looked pretty solid last night IMO. Like all things week 1 it doesn't really move the needle for me one way or the other, but he appears to be at the very least a solid flex play.
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