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  1. Well he was bad at home last week too so at least he's consistent.
  2. Knowing BB they'll promote some special teamer from the practice squad and he'll go for 200 and 4 TDs and then never be heard from again.
  3. Harris was looking a little gassed in the fourth quarter as well (possibly what lead to his fumble). The Pats are going to need to spell him with someone at some point.
  4. He was benched after the fumble as per Bill's standard operating procedure, so I don't think the 5 snaps are indicative of anything realistic. If you're sound at RB he's perhaps droppable but I think he still has value.
  5. League 1 ("average" 12-team 100$ faab): 51 - winning bid, 49, 45, 21, 20, 10, 5 League 2 (highly competitive 12-team 100$ faab): 96 - winning bid, 62, 42, 41, 31, 27, 26, 23, 11 Bolded my bids, which at the time I placed them I thought were way over.
  6. Totally. That's why I probably wouldn't drop more than 20% unless I needed an RB/FLEX fill in for a week or two. I was able to flip Hines last year using the same strat, and this was after I outbid the guy who I traded to.
  7. Seems like a grab and flip (to either the Mostert or Sermon owners) before the start of next week.
  8. Targets are good, offense looked terrible, but defense is also bad so there'll be plenty of junk time opportunity. Not the coming out party we were hoping for but not pushing panic button yet.
  9. Hurts is gonna open up some huge runs for Sanders and Gainwell this year.
  10. Same boat here. Kind of hoping Barkley has a big-ish week so I can trade him at max value (inherited a keeper team and he was on it). I don't want to be on this ride with this NYG offense.
  11. Fantasy production is one part talent and one part opportunity. Tony Jones has boatloads of the latter. NO 2nd RB has always done well and is at least flex worthy... and if Kamara goes down? TJj Seems like a "fade at your own risk" to me.
  12. Right now he seems like the lottery ticket RB with the best odds.
  13. Looks pretty decent. I wouldn't be shocked if Harry doesn't have a snap with the Pats this year. Feel like he's a little low on Meyers, and maybe a little high on the TEs. Bummer. Only 47 too...
  14. I think it's more smoke and mirrors than lingering injury/slow rolling. If I was the NYG why would I announce Barkley is back? Not much else opposing defenses have to plan for, so if I can withhold that info for as long as possible, I would. I think he starts, and possibly on a pitch count due to not playing in a while, but overall I think it's overblown fantasy panic.
  15. Dropped Ruggs for Edwards for what is more or less the last bench seat (12 team SF .5 ppr). Ruggs could be better this year, but I'm not buying it. Pre-season stuff hyping Ruggs all seemed like fluff to me.
  16. Very likely they use him much like they did Blount a few years back. He's the hammer at the goal line. Harris might get a few but I think Stevenson is the main GL back. I'd also keep an eye on JJ Taylor. Quick, good hands. Probably more of a special teamer for the time being but he could replace White at some point.
  17. I think that's a big factor as well. Cam and Mac play two different types ball. Keeping Cam as a backup doesn't really make sense for the system.
  18. Meyers by a mile IMO. Agholor will have his games, but Meyers will be consistently good.
  19. Unless I watched a different dimension's games last year... didn't all these guys play? Or am I misinterpreting what you're saying here?
  20. Didn't that happen 10 years ago? He cam close last year but didn't get it IIRC. He did, however, throw more picks last year than TDs. There were games where he looked absolutely miserable as a passer, shellshocked almost. He can no longer pass or run as well as he once could, which to me is the definition of being washed. The Pats offense as a whole was a bit of a mess last year, and Cam's play suffered from but also contributed to that equally. Does Cam give NE the best chance to win this year? Maybe... but how much better of a chance and to win one or two more games? I don't see the Pats making it very far into the playoffs if at all. So what is the point of trotting Cam out there when you could have Mac get some experience? Who cares if he gets smoked by Tampa week 4? He's not going to have a perfect record... so why are people acting like Mac getting losses is going to ruin his career? The only reason to start Cam in my opinion is if the Pats don't intend on starting Mac at all this year.
  21. I don't pretend to know what's going on inside the mind of BB but I just don't see what the Patriots have to gain from using Cam. I don't really care how Cam has looked in the preseason (fine-mediocre in my opinion). His play last year was incredibly erratic. The Pats aren't going to the Super Bowl this year and they are going to have a tough time making the playoffs IMO. If they start the season with Cam and he wins a few... so what? I'd rather they send Mac out there to get experience. I don't see what Mac can learn from observing Cam... they're two different QBs in my opinion (as opposed to the Brady/Bledsoe comp). I guess the pro Cam argument I can see is that they truly do not want to use Mac much at all this year, let Cam take the season however it comes, hope they can build the offense up around Mac during the offseason, and have him come out strong next year. Or maybe a team doctor puncture's Cam lung week 2 while giving him a pain killer injection and this whole argument is for naught.
  22. In a world where coming to training camp in a hot air balloon and freezing your foot off wasn't manufactured drama for Hard Knocks I'm willing to believe anything.
  23. I think Fields is gonna be a late season superflex league winner. Grab him late and be willing to eat a bench spot. Also have eyes on Stafford. Often discounted, not flashy, and maybe that's changed with moving to LA but I think he's gonna be a steal.
  24. I actually like that he didn't explode in this game. Should keep the price down in superflex/2qb leagues. I think in those leagues he could be a difference maker in the second half of the season.
  25. I can only speak as to why Evans is on my DND list this year. He isn't going to sink your team but I don't see the reliability of good to great numbers from him this year. There's a ton of targets for Brady between the WRs already there (Evans, AB, Godwin), OJ Howard being back AND Gio getting added to the mix. I'll let someone else buy that frustration. The Aaron Jones hate I don't get. Very low risk pick IMO.
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