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  1. Tumi Wallet I've had a slightly different model than this one for three or four years now. Still looks brand new, super light, durable as F.
  2. My retail experience is limited to CostCo, Safeway, Home Depot or Ace Hardware, Sports Basement (REI-like but better) and an occasional splurge at an outlet mall. Otherwise, it's all online. I buy a ton on Amazon, I watch YouTube reviews fo figure out product interests, I rely heavily on ability to return items for free, free shipping, etc. Kids do everything on YT it seems, including gaming research. Retail landscape is in decline. Doesn't mean GME can't pivot.
  3. Really, really well done. Should be studied in business schools.
  4. Better that it's in the past as opposed to learning of filing to sell in the future. I'm still confident we'll see 30s soon.
  5. Can't believe PLTR was $23.90 earlier today. I should have set the alarm for 6:30. Not sure I'd have had the nerve to pull the trigger though.
  6. I'm spreading some $ across PLTR and EXC and maybe some SFTW. I've got 2,000 shares of WFC in my non-retirement account. Not sure I want more than that but...??? I need to put in a stop limit.
  7. Missed a SFTW buy by 2 cents in the closing minutes. Think I might rue that.
  8. Bought a chunk of WFC after drop a few weeks back. Fell further from $32.50 to $30. Stared at the screen and tried to talk myself into more. Moment passed and we're at $37+ today. I'm buying into the turnaround. Heard a report extolling the strong leadership and the Feds are likely to lift the punitive asset cap soon. I'm optimistic.
  9. Bought a pretty big chunk myself to add to what I had. ETA: EXC
  10. What about all the experts CYDY hired to help guide the company to the next level? Where were they when NP was putting together his latest communique?
  11. Thinking about buying a subscription to Barron's for a year. $52/52 weeks. Thoughts? I dunno. Maybe no better than what's in the FFA! Also, I'm liking the idea of investing in infrastructure more and more. John Deere, Caterpillar. DE was up 10% on Friday though. CAT, some say, should have a rebound year. And looking forward to PLTR tomorrow aside from KGB? I got a feeling it's going to bump up a few more bucks.
  12. I have some because of Todem and I noticed that too. Might dip my toes in to see if I can get a quick hitter for a few hundred.
  13. sold T in my wife's IRA. what a dog that's been. added 150 PLTR
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