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  1. Cars due to the semiconductor chip supply problem. Toyotas, even Corollas, are marked up $5k over MSRP. I need two cars this year. 😞
  2. Dang. Sorry about that amigo. I presumed since we have a camping reservation in September that it's open.
  3. Memorial County Park in San Mateo County, near Pescadero and between Monterey and SF. It's beautiful. I've camped there several times and the trees are insane. Stay in Pescadero, day trip for hiking at the park? May be good use of your time, more efficient than folding in a trip to Muir. Eat the green chile or artichoke soup at Duarte's.
  4. Tricky situation perhaps. May depend in part on what state you live in? Maybe an error with your county? Or is the basis of your home the price you sold to yourself? You probably want the recorded value to be a true reflection of the market cost. But that could have challenges. I'm guessing in your state, your property taxes are based on the value of your home at time of purchase (that's the case in CA and then increases are capped annually if increases are warranted). If you changed your estimated value, you may owe back taxes? Your purchase price matching your mortgage is odd. I think
  5. I think you don't pay taxes on the first $250k above your purchase price as a single filer, and $500k jointly. You can also write off a lot of stuff, including home improvements and costs associated with selling your home. I'm not a CPA though so probably want to check with an expert.
  6. I know more and more families building ADUs on their property. Some are even abandoning their garages. Policymakers are leaning on private property owners to help with the shortage and helping cut red tape to do so (I'm sure there's plenty of red tape still). And this is not some weird hippy community. These are nice parts of the Bay Area where homes sell for $1,000/sf. I know an otherwise "regular" home - decently sized at 3,300 sf, that sold a couple weeks back for $4.2 million. It was listed for $3 million. It makes sense, investment-wise, to put a couple hundred grand into an ADU.
  7. All or Nothing: New Zealand All Blacks. On Netflix or Amazon Prime, I think. If he becomes a fan, lucky him. Great sport, great sportsmanship. Probably should be a pre-req before entering the country. ETA: Great show too.
  8. I think Chadstroma is good people. Not sure why you have an issue with him, but he's pretty much the guy who keeps this very valuable thread going. Perhaps take it offline? Would hate to see this one go south.
  9. Appreciate that GB, DEADHEAD, previously Sandeman from the Vienna days. 🙂
  10. Random thoughts... 1. Pricing in parts of the East Bay market in the Bay Area have for the better part of 2 decades been designed to drive traffic and generate bidding wars. Multiple bidders, 30%, 40% and even 50% over asking was normal. If you did not know that, you could not buy. You had to have a local realtor who knew how to play the game. When COVID hit, our market changed to transparent pricing. The prices went up, but they reflected the actual value. If someone offered that price, the seller was willing to sell at that price. That lasted maybe 4 or 6 weeks. Then the transparent pri
  11. In the Bay Area, people are leaving San Francisco and other metropolitan/downtown areas for everything from nearby suburbs to the nearby mountains (Tahoe) to out-of-state locations. If you live in San Francisco, you likely live in an apartment or condo, and the thought of living there while changing to WFH is probably not that attractive. Just not a lot of square footage, and if you're in a relationship, it's even tighter. Not a lot of homes in SF, and those that are there are coin. There's also a ton of money here. Salesforce, Uber, AIRBNB, Snowflake, etc. has made a lot of millionaires able
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