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  1. I feel for you. Embrace it maybe? Look at it this way. How lucky are you to have had her influence in your life? Maybe you can use this to celebrate her. Put another way, and this is how I deal with some loss I've experienced, imagine having a parent where his/her loss wasn't emotional to you. GL GB.
  2. I would argue that there are very likely significant financial ramifications to allowing discoveries like these go without action. As I said earlier, as a father, if the NFL stands behind a culture that supports his and similar positions, I'm not interested in it for me or my family. The NFL, and the Raiders probably too, made a business decision here (although I don't buy for a second the Raiders wanted out of Gruden's contract).
  3. There are so many things at play. And as successful as the NFL is these days, it seems to me that it is at some risk, maybe not existential, but of falling out of some favor if it doesn't change. It must embrace and invest in safety, it must be more appealing to youth, it must embrace good citizenry, and it needs to move away from the stereotypical meatheaded-ness that Gruden, and others, have displayed. Ongoing tolerance for the NFL of three or more decades ago is not something I'm interested in as a fan, and I'm not interested in as a father. You know what surprises me about this message board? I feel like, to an extent, it's the same dudes as 20 years ago on a (I think?) prominent site. That's probably not a good sign for the NFL. You know what doesn't surprise me? Gruden. He's 58 years old and an "old school" football guy, as if that's a good thing. Now, if Sean McVey wrote emails like this, that'd be a huge indicator of a problem. This issue might lessen considerably in a generation.
  4. Lots of personal growth opportunity in here. It's not an overnight change. It can take years. Exposure to new experiences, cultures and perspectives help, as does a separation, maybe even a divorce, from influences that are too prominent in one's life, whether good or bad. I speak from experience. Many decades. And I'm still working on things. Will be until the day I take my last breath.
  5. Just want to say you're killing it in here HSG. Keep fighting the good fight, although the extent you're needing to is sad.
  6. Power Zone classes are a legit set of classes. You can train with this format (ride in zones, from "easiest" endurance rides, to "moderate" regular PZ rides, to "hard" PZ Max rides). These are great training as it's you against yourself. You really need to do an FTP test before you do these to get a sense of your leveling and your improvement. Mix it up with the regular, non-PZ classes for variety. Add in a HIIT class here and there, try a different instructor. Mix in a class with weights. This is all part of the secret sauce. The variety is off the charts, and that keeps interest up. That said, I am flirting with a little burnout. I've been riding a stationary bike since 2004, and a Peloton since 2018. I love it, and I need to ride to manage my weight, but I'm getting a little bored. I think I need to integrate "just rides" which are instructor-less. And I'll ride pretty hard but maybe watch an episode or two of PTI at the same time. Still, wouldn't trade it for anything. Love it.
  7. Part of the confusion, at least for me, is also the integration of the website content with the forums. There's no longer a separate look and feel, so I don't quite know when I'm actually in a forum or on content. The pop-up content menus with each rollover, whether RANKINGS, ARTICLES, etc. exacerbates it. Not saying it's counter-intuitive, and it's smart business to push your forum traffic toward your content and subscription packages. But there's a loss of elegance. The ARTICLES section, for example, is very little about the articles, and a lot of pictures of players that really do nothing to tell me what I'm looking at or the content therein. I have to scroll down just to work through the content that should be readily available, at my fingertips, right after I click ARTICLES.
  8. What indications do you have that what was there before was poorly organized? Don't fix it if it ain't broke? Sure, you can always doll things up to make them look better, but the restructure is messy. Very little is intuitive now. I actually get frustrated trying to work through it and have, at times, just said screw it, I'll figure it out later.
  9. It's all relative, right? I remember being a bit sideways about Billy Breathes, but I think it's held up super well for the Phish fan. Of course they were still a "new" band, in their prime, but I was, and still am, always (stupidly) suspicious of newer albums for older, established bands. I was scarred by Built to Last by the Dead, Steel Wheels by the Stones, and a handful of other disasters. I just didn't know enough about Phish at the time. I like a number of songs from Joy, like Light, Backwards, but I think pecorino is on to something. Blaze On is a "cheap" song, as in, I could probably write that. And I'm not kidding, and I know very little about music. The boys have a few of these songs that are blah, especially in the last few years of newer songs. I'll add that just because you can turn a song into a jam doesn't mean A) it's a good song and B) the jam amounts to anything. At least for me, I'd like to be able to drop in on a song halfway through and know what song/jam it is. Phish has jams that probably shouldn't be, never mind the songs. But I'm the 50 year old guy that wants a long Tweezer, a jammy 2001, PYITE, Antelope and/or YEM. And I'm down with their covers. Crosseyed and Painless and Loving Cup rival their original counterparts, IMO. Rock on dudes. And get off my lawn. 😆
  10. Checked out the last couple setlists. It's odd to say, but I don't know many of the newer songs. As Phish has aged, I haven't found them to be the song and music writers of once upon a time. How are they holding up?
  11. The fact that she had to change her beam routine to change her dismount so that she didn't perform a mid-air twist says a lot. Not sure she could have done that in her other events while competing at a high level, and that quickly. She didn't quit, she was injured, evaluated and adjusted to accommodate.
  12. What she (and what Osaka) has done has prompted me to reflect a bit on my expectations of my children, in sports and in other arenas (including who is on a gymnastics team). I'm sure I'm not alone. And if for only that reason alone, she did the right thing. To a great extent, we did this to her. And that's too bad. (And if you want to make comparisons across sports, let's talk about sports with individual performances, and the mental side of them. David Duval has far more interesting, relevant context here than Brady). ETA: refreshing my memory on Duval a bit, he struggled with injury more than I remember. I thought his struggles were exclusively mental, but not the case.
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