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  1. Yeah, we have friends playing this game. They started looking for a house about 10 years ago.
  2. I know you know $1 million over asking is not unusual in the Bay Area. I live in the Oakland hills. It's pretty common. Totally nuts. As a homeowner, I feel great about it. As a parent, less so. I just don't know how our kids will settle in the Bay Area, if they want, once they start their career down the line. Maybe they won't, and we'll just follow them around once we retire. It's interesting. School let out last week and in my neighborhood, a bunch of houses popped up on the market. People trying to take advantage of the hot market, and I'm sure there's some normal post-school se
  3. Yes we did this at our old house. Was great. Use decomposed granite.
  4. This song gets me too. But I need the church bell intro to really get the vibe. Not sure I've ever seen anybody crush a bass like that.
  5. Gets me every time. When Jon starts the drums, I feel soooooo good.
  6. The markup on the Ford Explore and the Toyota Highlander in the Bay Area is so significant (at and over MSRP), it made more sense to use my loyalty on a BMW. Got a somewhat loaded new X3 for 18% under MSRP. Could not say no to that.
  7. Morning Dew by the Grateful Dead (I only recently learned this song is a cover!). This one is live at Winterland. Jerry's voice in the early 1970s...that was his peak. The version on Europe '72 is regarded as probably the best. Otherwise, every song during the Barton Hall show in '77. 😆
  8. Your time here may be short. May be a learning moment for you. Seize it.
  9. I have a hard time believing that the best cycling shoes for riding a Peloton are made by Peloton.
  10. There are only 4 PZ instructors, and for a while, there were only 2 (Denis and Matt, now also Olivia and Christine). I'm a big Matt fan, and generally like all of them. If you really get into it, join the Power Zone Pack. It's a great system, but takes a commitment. I did it a few times in the last year (sessions are about 6 or 8 weeks or so). https://pzpack.com
  11. This is an excellent post. Should be required reading. Insight into BB and NE I'd never seen/read before.
  12. When you say FTP, do you mean the Power Zone rides? If not, I suggest you try the PZ rides after you do a FTP test. You only need to do the FTP ride every few months or so to calibrate your meter. PZ rides are great for exactly the reasons you state.
  13. Phish tour sales are strong because most fans, if they could, would go to every show on a tour. As is, many go to several shows each tour. Fewer people buying more tickets. I'd never see Green Day back-to-back nights on tour. It'd be the same show, or thereabouts, I think. If Phish came to town for 3 shows, I'd love to go to all 3 if I could. You will never see the same show twice (doesn't mean they're all good...I've been to crappy ones). That said, Green Day is an order of magnitude a bigger deal/influence in the RR world. Not even close, IMO. I'm not even sure Phish is on the rada
  14. For what it's worth... When we bought in the Bay Area in 2007, we were outbid on 6 homes, all of which had multiple offers (~6 bid average) and sold for over asking price. The house we got? I saw it on a Saturday, Stumbled into the open house by accident just running an errand. Most houses are only open Sundays. I loved it. Called my realtor and asked her what to do. She said let's put in a pre-emptive offer good for 24 hours. So by that evening, we had an offer in. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 15% over asking. Good until 5:00 in the evening on Sunday. We got the house. She
  15. Depends where in Nor Cal I think? In parts of the East Bay, the correlation between sf and sale price is strong. My opinion in the Bay Area is buy as much sf as you can afford and then buy a little more. I saw this work out very well for many, many people, including myself.
  16. I don't. And she made it clear when I did speak with her that she was not comfortable talking about it. I'm confident saying she's not at liberty to.
  17. The story can't be told, the process can't be critiqued, the outcome can't be bashed without a discussion of NP. This article just doesn't work for me. NP is off-the-charts untrustworthy. If I were the FDA, I'd stay away, very, very far away. I remember the discussion with my neighbor who works for Gilead. When I mentioned CytoDyn to her, her facial expression was one of mockery and strain. She giggles a little bit. I pinged her for a little more info and she said she couldn't. She's smart. I should have read those tea leaves better.
  18. Phil at nearly 51 looks an s-ton better than Jack did when he won the Masters at 46. Different times. Well done Phil. Impressive.
  19. I've got no issue with Chet here. Opposite in fact. And I've lost money on this #######g thing (that's my fault).I think he's been on the receiving end of some smartassedness that was probably undeserving. Way I see it, he stuck to his guns and even dug his heels in when it looked/was bad. He doubled- and tripled-down. But as he did that, he became a target for many, and that, fairly I think, got under his skin at some point. Leave the dude alone. So what if he keeps pimping this thing? It's not like he's defending NP. Opposite in fact. Do your own due diligence.
  20. This is true. Plenty of chances to make a little $ or mitigate losses. I had well into 5-figure profit that day in late June. Nobody to blame but myself. And by that point I knew NP was a red flag the size of a small planet.
  21. Group think is a powerful drug. We're all complicit.
  22. I am out. Good luck all. I won't say I'm rooting for NP despite this. I'm not.
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