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  1. I've been looking for some news (and looked at the box scores)... any reason why he hasn't had a reception in the preseason?
  2. Yeah, that sort of seems like a money-grab on the owners' part, PARTICULARLY the owners who have a vaccinated squad and win from a forfeit. Why in the hell wouldn't those owners reward behavior (vaccination) that protects the business?
  3. If you would, expand on your thought process with Hurts a little... because if you are right (that he won't pan out and now is the time to move him), I'll bet that you could get WAY more than you paid for him. My take is that all arrows are pointing up on him right now. I definitely would take him off your hands. Tell me why I shouldn't.
  4. It would probably be more complicated than what is is worth, but I've always thought about having "home field advantage" where the home team gets to dictate the lineup of their home games, like this: 1. Ground and pound: QB, RB, RB, RB, WR, TE, TE, K, D 2. Spread: QB, RB, WR, WR, WR, WR, TE, K, D 3. Standard: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, K, D So the home team AND the visitor have to set the same style of lineups, whichever one that the home team chose. You could play to your team's advantages or play to your opponent's disadvantages. Hell of a headache for the commish to manage, though.
  5. I don't know how much of it is dumb### vs. he's genuinely mentally unbalanced. And this is coming from a guy who traded away Julio Jones for him straight up a couple of years ago.
  6. At one point had started Godwin, Thomas, Sutton, Kittle, LeVeon Bell, Goedert, and Philip Lindsay. 😐
  7. How confident would you have been, like me, heading into the season with Michael Thomas, Chris Godwin, and Courtland Sutton as your Top 3 WRs??? 😐
  8. I really, REALLY hate owners that do that--complain about something and SWEAR they did X, and then you have to go back and show them that they did Y, and then they're like, "Oh, yeah..." We're all grown adults. Any chance you could try to figure this out on your own before you assume that something (other than you) screwed up???
  9. Like almost every other activity these days, I can imagine ways to still do it responsibly. And then I read some of the entries in this thread.
  10. Is it just me, or has there been a *lot* more puff press out about Lamb than Jeudy this preseason? I went back an read the start of the Jeudy thread, and Jeudy was the consensus #1 WR coming into last season. Jeudy fell to #15 in our dynasty draft (160 players off the board to start, hybrid of veteran scraps and rookies to draft) and I grabbed him. I agree with you, I think he's been "under the radar" relatively speaking, given the attention to other rookie WRs. I know that Sutton has something to do with that, but I'm hopeful.
  11. First--Faust ought to know that there are a bunch of people who really appreciate his efforts and everybody certainly wishes him and his family well. As for the "Yeah, but...", I come to the Shark Pool for discussion/analysis of the recent news, not to read the recent news (which I do elsewhere). So when 1/2 of the front page's topics are news posts from Faust, that's not necessarily what I'm looking for. That's not a rip on Faust. As I type this, of the first 25 topics on the board, 10 most recent posts are from Faust. I usually skip those since in the Shark Pool I'm looking for discussion from other members, not a fantasy football news blog.
  12. I'm at this stage with my parents, too.
  13. The dude's 77. He ain't changing. Are you asking if you should have gotten into a argument with a 77-year old about... well, almost anything?
  14. Yup... if it's 8 teams, you fairly well NEED to start 2 QBs. 3 RBs, 3 WRs, 2 TEs... you need to introduce into the 8-team league some of the scarcity that makes fantasy football interesting in a larger league (with smaller starting lineups).
  15. "...like i'm a 100yr old?" FIXED. 10 year olds know how to do that. (Sorry, I run Android).
  16. We are here now. It is and it will be (worse). 1. Me: "Okay, so maybe I could just run a Zoom meeting from my desk with the kids in the room and the kids at home, so we can still all see each other and discuss stuff." 2. Feedback from all the mics/speakers in the room makes that impossible. 3. Okay, so all the in-person kids mute their mics/speakers. No discussion, but every kid can then hear at least me. 4. But when a kid at home asks a question, the amplified speakers (so that kids in class can hear the kids at home) feed that sound back through the mic on my computer, causing massive feedback. 5. Okay, so tell kids at home that if they want to ask a question, type a "?" in the chat, then I'll mute my mic so that they can talk. Likewise, if a kid in class has a question, they raise their hand and I'll mute my speakers (otherwise, again, feedback). It's a totally BS system and allows for no discussion among students at all, but at least allows for some form of back-and-forth communication to flow on some level, even if it's totally through me. 6. Spend a ton of time testing and trying to figure out these dynamics, THEN the tech folks say, "Oh yeah, don't run Zoom meetings with your in-person students participating. You'll melt our bandwidth." HFS, what in the #### do you want me to do?????
  17. Totally agree and yet my experience has been that administrators always knee-jerk back to "Did you call home?" Always. It's just a cop-out, IMO.
  18. Um, yeahhhhhh... have you ever TALKED to a school administrator? The first--absolute first--question that the administrator asks the teacher of record who has a struggling student is, "Did you contact the parent?" If you don't want to be bothered with the hassle of having kids... maybe don't have kids. Tough nuts, bud.
  19. Frost from Nebraska talks about "the dangers (for athletes) of not being around the program" or some such. Sooooo... are they kicking athletes out of the football program this fall if the school plays no games? Could the school not continue the monitoring/accountability that would supposedly keep these athletes "safer" during the season, even if they don't play games? Why is it this notion of, "we have to play, or the athletes will all go out and get sick"? Sort of telling if you ask me.
  20. This is a pretty cool game with a map-drawing theme.
  21. This. Our district is telling counselors, administrators, basically every certificated person who isn't a teacher, "You'll be subbing at some point." Which really strains the credulity of the notion of the "superiority of in-person instruction." Likewise, I see all of this being on about an 8-week timer. We got a list of the symptoms with which teachers MUST stay home. The overlap of these symptoms with a) seasonal allergies, and b) seasonal flu is high. Soooooo... 1. seasonal allergies/flu kick in, 2. tons of people have symptoms that require a test, 3. test demand soars, 4. test results turnaround times go back up, 5. teachers are out the full 10 days as a result, 6. No subs (for the reasons mentioned above). All of this points to remote learning by the end of Q1 of the school year, simply for lack of warm bodies to post at the front of the room. [NOTE: none of the criteria above even touch on the likelihood of an ACTUAL Covid-19 infection event].
  22. Soooo, this is where we come to extoll the virtues of spraying water up our bungholes, right? (And don't you still need TP to dry that thing off after???)
  23. Our district had a plan to open 100% (has since gone to 50% for high schoolers), but our principal in an email almost verbatim said: "And I'm pretty sure that we'll be full remote at some point this year." It just sort of seems inevitable, IMO. Oh, and to your point about disinfecting... Hygiene Theater
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