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    FFB,hunting,fishing...sports of all kinds, I can almost still dunk.
  1. I agree...it's stunning. I wasn't expecting Peyton type numbers, but in a 16 team league, I thought he would at least be OK, just baffled? Nicks can throw away that big contract he was looking for unless some sucker comes calling...of course it only takes one.
  2. I am stumped by his regression, most weeks I say OK this is his breakout week...I'm starting McCown(not that you care), so now I get to see him go for 300 yrds and 3 td's this week. I simply can't put a handle on what the heck happened to him...It's like he forgot how to play QB???
  3. I believe most are talking about rookie drafts, in keeper or dynasty leagues.
  4. Took him @1.10(non-ppr and start 1 TE) in a 16 team league, was trying to trade up to 1.8 to grab him but to no avail, fell to me anyway...go figure
  5. I think the learning curve for a RB in the NFL is more about pass blocking, if you can run, not put the ball on the ground, AND pass block, your in line to take a few carries...Will he unseat DMC doubt it until he get's hurt again, then who know's???
  6. Neither...he will be fine, already this went this process, the biggest thing is the infection. ( side note when you cut yourself make sure you put something on it)
  7. I understand the word "concern" but with the Pats being so stringent with the cap #'s, I don't think they are concerned at all considering his new contract. Maybe I'm wrong????
  8. Butterfly Effect...? That's a real tough question to answer.
  9. Norwood doesn't seem to me like the type of player that would ever shoulder a full time role. Willis McGahee is on a committee and he isn't young and he does get hurt... Choice really performed well versus solid defenses last year, and I keep reading stuff about how he might get 3 or 4 series a game limiting Felix touches to 10 or so. And, if Barber gets injured (and he runs like a beast) then Choice will fill his role with Felix being the change of pace back. I just seem to see a high ceiling for Choice. Now, somebody set me straight. Yeah, I agree. Choice was already ear-marked for a bump after he was reportedly the MVP of the first few days of Cowboys camp. I was never a big McGahee fan, but I'm not quite ready to bury him yet. He's not quite 28-years-old, and nothing will surprise me in that Ravens backfield this year. Why is Peerman not mentioned, regarding the Ravens...His measurables are off the wall, and seems like a student of the game, what part of his game am I missing? Great thread thanks for sharing...learned alot!
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