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  1. Sick right. Well it was 250k last year but still just remarkable feat. AND his last team of 68 drafted. AND a goose egg in his lineup. After winning it all with no kicker last year. Dude has serious Lady Luck on his side. Crazy And Allen/Diggs cost me a ##### load of $. Screw those 2!
  2. Ahh nice yea you’re a tough out man. And my big one just lost Akers. Brutal. Wish my 2nd team was the higher ranked one. Oh well. Anything can happen tho!
  3. GL in 17th at the moment. Have some unique guys as well. Another in 60’s that could prob finish top 20 or so
  4. How’d those 2 teams work out for ya? Dominance?
  5. GL man. Sitting 8th OA in FBG at the moment. No one left tho. May hang onto top 10 we’ll see. Best of luck in champ rds. By the way they should be upping these regular season finishes. 1st overall of 10,800 teams gets 3k? Come on now. That’s harder to do then any 3-week sprint.
  6. Coooooots! Message me on here and I can give u my details. Don’t think u can transfer funds on the site can u? Lost the auto bid on that Carr pick to end the game. Can’t make it up.
  7. 4 squads in overall top-30. My goal was to take down FBG and Main Event. Coots you can send that hundo via PayPal now or wait till it’s official. Let me know. GL in 2nd half all. -WonTime 🍾
  8. The Barkley/Melvin G one dead but the other one is really nice. Looks like 1 of my middle tier teams. GL scientist ! Don’t disappear on us
  9. They emailed earlier. They’re moving the Friday waiver to either Sat or Sunday morning. Now that they gave out their freebie week to the teams who took advantage for 3 weeks, they’ll set a new waiver time for all.
  10. Why you so salty man. Lol. Relax you do your thing, I’ll do mine. There’s nearly 11k teams in this thing. If I can’t be happy owning the #1 overall team at the moment, why play. Or #4 overall in main. Few teams in there only. If you think I’m a big volume guy, your head is in the clouds. I’m a fraction of what the heavy hitters put in. They’re maxing out on entries. I’m nowhere close to that. Unfortunately this contest is going to favor the mass entries. If that upsets you, there’s always satellite leagues u can join. GL
  11. I have a lot of teams because I win. You have 2 teams every year because u don’t win. Try winning sometime and u can afford more teams! It’s a novel concept.
  12. 2 top-10 Overall FBG teams at the moment. Top -50 and another top-75 Main. Put that in your beaker and smoke it. #WonTime
  13. Jacobs, Mixon, new workhorse in JT with the Dak cowboys stack? I should have agreed to the 1st bet! 🔥 Coots, Ill let you back out now for 1/2 of the $.
  14. My favorite main so far. This one was from the 8: QB: Watson (7), Wentz (14) RB: Henry (1), Drake (2), Gibson (8), Vaughn (12), McKinnon (13), Michel (15), Benjamin (16) WR: Odell (3), Ridley (4), Hollywood (5), Fuller (6), Hardman (9), Mims (19) TE: Herndon (10), Irv Smith (11), Knox (18) K: Lutz (17) Def: NO (20) 🕺🎨🤑
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