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  1. How are they going to find out how long the vaccines work other than “wait until people who were vaccinated first start getting COVID again”.
  2. AirBnB in Bend, OR in May. Calgary/Bannf tentative for summer. Maui in October. Feels good planning vacations again. I can’t believe everything we’ve wanted to book has been available so far.
  3. Knowing that the vaccine makes it unlikely for me to get it and makes it near impossible to get severely ill if I do means once I am vaccinated I will be ok going back to my normal. I will still wear masks around if they are still saying that vaccinated people can still transmit but that’s no big deal at all.
  4. Any further research on how long the vaccines are good for? What about people who got COVID really early on in the pandemic. It’s been almost a year. Any news about if any of these people got it again a year later? I assume China has to have some data after so many people got it there last January but I can’t find anything.
  5. You don’t. They’ve never enabled it. I think they’re afraid we’re all going to post boobs, which would probably happen.
  6. Is Tsushima better/on par with other open world games like RDR2, Horizon, GTAV, and the recent assassin creed games? If so, what makes it better?
  7. I worked in a butcher shop for 9 years, and there were definitely customers where when they came in, we would “head for zee hills” and whatever poor schmuck was left had to wait on them. Fun fact: One of them was Bill Romanowski’s wife.
  8. Relatively new homeowner here. I want to hire a contractor to build a couple levels of retaining wall in my front yard and Im not 100% sure how this works. I just know this isn’t something I’m doing myself. Do typical contractors do both the design and construction or do I have to hire these separately? Googling some local contractors, this isn’t entirely clear. Also, with COVID being a concern, should I get a few bids or just rely on ratings/reviews people have posted? I want to minimize contact with as many people as possible but also want a good price obviously.
  9. I'm curious about this as well. I know someone who got their second shot yesterday, and he says he was told by the doctor that if he did get the virus, he would not need to quarantine. Makes no sense to me.
  10. Isn’t this just Darwinism then? If you’re stupid enough to refuse the vaccine, you’re the one in danger. They’re not really harming those of us who are getting the vaccine are they? It’ll just end up being a pandemic mostly limited to stupid people?
  11. I've read conflicting reports on the first of two vaccine shots? I read somewhere that the first shot gets you at about 60% effectiveness and the second brings you up to the 90+%. I've also read that you are not at any effectiveness level at all until the second shot. Which is it?
  12. I can’t believe that scumbag journalist was just gonna report on the shoe print leak like that. And Diane Feinstein oooofff. What a moronic thing to do.
  13. I watched Bridgerton with the wife. It’s not great. The redeeming factor should’ve been the lead actress getting it on so much, but she looks like she’s 14 and that just kills the boner.
  14. The Avatar window seems smaller. My poor dog's head is cut off.
  15. Foster-Powell just off of 52nd near Foster. You? I knew there was at least one other here from the area!
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