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  1. Yeah VHS 94 was not great. If I were to put together a "best of" of VHS shorts, it would be the following: - The one with the documentary crew investigating the cult in Malaysia, and ends with that amazing car chase. This is hands down the best short in the series. - The succubus one. Too bad the follow up movie based on it sucked. - The one with the guy who opens a portal to a different parallel dimension where the other people have freakish monster-like genitals. - the zombie one where a guy gets turned into a zombie while his goPro is attached to his head.
  2. And then Episode 5... holy ####. The only negative thing I can say about the show is the number of looooong monologues where it's just one character going off for 5 minutes or more. Such deep thinkers for a boring fishing village.
  3. I know it’s a hot take, but I just love the exploration of how vampirism could be interpreted by religion, and I feel like they executed it perfectly. And yes, I’ve seen both those movies.
  4. I'm only 5 episodes in on Midnight Mass, but here's a hot take. So far, it's the best vampire story I've ever seen. The melding of vampirism and the ugly side of Christianity is simply brilliant.
  5. Lake Mungo is one of the better found footage movies, but found footage is really hit or miss for a lot of people, understandably so. Some of the better ones I like are: The Taking of Deborah Logan Creep 1 and 2 REC - (the Spanish one, NOT the American remake) Trollhunter V/H/S Series The Borderlands Savageland Hell House LLC As Above, So Below Grave Encounters Of that list, REC is probably the best if I'm being honest. It's rare for a found footage movie to be good and scary all the way throughout. Most are 75% filler, but this one delivers from start to finish. And the ending is one of the scariest and most tense I've ever seen.
  6. What's the current science around people who have both had COVID and are vaccinated and how likely they are to get/spread delta if they have been exposed to it?
  7. That's what I thought. This is the language from her doctor verbatim. "While there is not enough data about the additional J&J vaccine dose, in our opinion there is minimal risk in receiving the additional vaccine dose."
  8. My wife is eligible for a booster now since she is immunocompromised. We initially got J&J, and not sure which booster to get. Her instructions from the doctor are not very clear either. They basically say there is not a lot of data out there on J&J and boosters and that it is up to the pharmacy to determine if she can get a booster other than J&J. Should she be shopping for a Moderna/Pfizer booster or get another J&J at this point? Or just do whatever the pharmacy says? Part of me just wants to get two shots of Moderna and forget we ever got J&J.
  9. Any of you Portlanders know of any local fantasy football leagues with openings for this year? Missing the local one I was in back in California.
  10. I could hang out at Top Golf every day.
  11. I have to agree. Only been here a year, and with the pandemic/protests/etc it was a really down year for Portland, and I love it. I can only imagine once things get closer to normal.
  12. Fear Street was good, but man the first half of the movie tried to hard to cram every pop song made in 1994 down our throats.
  13. We are in the Southeast near the Woodstock neighborhood. What’s funny is that we are literally surrounded by neighbors who have all recently transplanted to Portland. I will echo other people’s complaints about traffic and homeless but neither make me not want to live here. Maybe it’s because where I came from in the SF Bay Area, we had the same issues.
  14. There’s one right up the street from me that advertises gluten free lap dances.
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