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  1. Was offered Alvin Kamara and Quez Watkins for D. Swift and Tee Higgins. This is a bran new superflex dynasty this year. I'm inclined to take it because I don't have any real "studs" on my team for this year right now. I focused on youth and the future more with this start up draft going Burrow and Lawrence with my first two picks. The trade honestly feels like a no brainer but this is my first dynasty experience........... anyone with more dynasty experience want to weigh in? My roster: QB: J. Burrow, T. Lawrence, D. Lock, D. Watson RB: D. Swift, T. Williams, D. Henderson, Darrynton Evans, P. Lindsay, R. Penny, J. Connor WR: B. Aiyuk, R. Wods, T. McLaurin, T. Higgins, D. Peoples-Jones, KJ Osborn, MVS, J. Reagor, P. Campbell, TE: D. Parhma, L. Thomas, A. Trautman
  2. Superflex league Alex Smith and DK Metcalf FOR Matt Ryan and Cooper Kupp 6 point passing TDs, point per first down scoring, 300 and 100 yard bonuses
  3. My team is a lock for the playoffs and currently highest scoring team in the league, but we ALL start 2 QB's whenever we can. Currently been riding Brees and Watson every week. Was offered Burrow and Alex Smith for Watson. Watson draws the Bears and Colts in the first two weeks of the playoffs so I'm tempted to sell him any ways.
  4. Was offered Burrow and Alex Smith for D. Watson..... Knowing I will definitely make our fantasy playoffs, here's their schedules........ Watson: Bears, Colts, Bengals Burrow: Cowboys, Steelers, Texans
  5. I am in a super flex league, passing TD's are worth 6 pts. Point per first down for rushing/receiving first downs. 100 yard bonus for rushing and receiving. This league heavily favors QB's and then RB's, with WR's having the least value. We start 1 QB, 1 RB, 1 WR, 1 TE and 1 SFlex, and 2 Flex. So everyone starts 2 QB's naturally and having quality bell cow RB's is huge with the PPFD scoring system. The best starting lineups usually have 2 QB, 3 RB and 1 WR if its possible. Here's my normal starting lineup......... Starters: D. Watson, D. Brees, J. Jacobs, N. Chubb, J. Mixon, D. Metcalf, L. Thomas, K, D/ST. Reserves: J. Connor, T. Higgins, B. Cooks, M. Williams, Gio, Booker So I lost Brees obviously and it's not even known if he'll be back for the fantasy playoffs. My team is locked into a playoff spot and I am currently the highest scoring team in the league. I am nearly out of waiver bucks so bidding on Winston is a waste of time, I'll never get him. Newly announced starting QB's in my league go for anywhere from 20-50% FAAB and I only have $9 left out of 100. Options........... 1. Ride it out and hope Brees comes back? I could start D. Watson and all 4 RB's (adding Connor in). It's not like Tee Higgins is a bad option 2. Sell Jacobs or Chubb for $45-50 waiver cash and insert James Connor into the lineup. Had some interest in that from a guy very weak at RB 3. Make a trade? Very few people want to trade with me, I offered one guy Jacobs or Metcalf straight up for Matt Ryan OR Tannehill and he declined (he's solid at RB already). Another offer was Burrow and Alex Smith for D. Watson. Any thoughts would be great
  6. For now while he;s hot I'd start Brown in non PPR Please see mine.................https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/788505-trade-for-mccaffery/
  7. I;d stick with Sanders because you have very questionable depth and injuries at RB after him as well. Please see mine.....................https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/788505-trade-for-mccaffery/
  8. I'd rather own P. Williams or P. Campbell over Jeudy right now, either is a good pick up in PPR. Don't let the bad Week 1 for the Dolphins sacre you, Parker and Williams will have plenty of PPR value as long as Fitz is chuckin it. Please see mine...............https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/788505-trade-for-mccaffery/
  9. I'd do it. Gage is the WR3 and Ryan has to throw 50+ passes and over 450 yards to get those stats to his 3rd WR. Gibson is gonna gradually be fed the ball a lot more in Washington. Is this a keeper league and what are your RB and WR's like on your team? Please see mine.....................https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/788505-trade-for-mccaffery/
  10. I'd take Beckham and give up Brown. This is the buy low opportunity on Beckham. Seeing the rest of your roster would be helpful but I'd likely do it any ways. Please see mine........................https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/788505-trade-for-mccaffery/
  11. Only in a SuperFlex/2 QB league would I consider that. The drop off from Jacobs to what you have behind him is massive. Please see mine................. https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/788505-trade-for-mccaffery/
  12. I think THIS year it's Lindsay but long term I might rather own Edmonds. Hard to see Kenyon Drake as the long term solution in Arizona and he seems more injury prone. Melvin Gordon is the main back in Denver probably for at least a couple years. In the short term, if you were forced to play one, I'd play Lindsay. Please see mine.................https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/788505-trade-for-mccaffery/
  13. My league is a bit unique.......we do Points Per First Down instead of PPR. Were also a SuperFlex league, QB's are 6 points per passing TD's. Start 1 QB, 1 RB, 1 WR, 1 TE, 1 SFlex, 2 Flex, K, D/ST Yardage bonuses for 300 yards passing and 100 yards rush/rec Obviously with our setting QB's are huge value and RB's tend to outvalue WR's quite a bit as well. Here's my roster: Starters: QB: D. Watson RB: J. Jacobs WR: DK Metcalf TE: J. Cook SFlex: Brees Flex1: Mixon Flex 2: Chubb Reserves: J. Connor, B. Snell, T. Pollard, E. Sanders, P. Campbell, M. Williams, Corey Davis Here's HIS roster: Starters: QB: P. Rivers RB: McCaffery WR: M. Thomas TE: Gronkowski SFlex: B. Mayfield Flex 1: DJ Moore Flex 2: D. Waller Reserves: M. Brown, D. Swift, J. Kelley, P. Williams, A. Miller, R. Gage, J. Graham I'm considering making a play for McCaffery due to my depth at RB and could use some input. He just lost Michael Thomas to the high ankle sprain so he's extremely thin at WR. Could use some ideas for possible offers. I was thinking of starting with Mixon and E. Sanders since he lost Thomas and see if I get a counter. Or perhaps Chubb, Sanders, and Cook?
  14. Anyone have any intel on an app for either Android or iOS that allows you to track and manage multiple leagues, see their live scoring, etc.?
  15. My league just decided to switch from typical PPR to PPFD for all receiving and rushing first downs. Loving the idea and starting to prep for it......but it's a struggle to find sites that have projections, cheat sheets, etc. that support it. Im struggling to just find traditonal stats anywhere that track first down plays. Any suggestions/input would be welcome
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