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  1. @LeoPersian @DrWest235 @adamfeuerstein “Dr. Brown” appears just as careless in keeping his identity a secret as Christian Lamarco (@CulperResearch) and Joseph J. Spiegel (@BuyersStrike) Get your popcorn out as the short-mafia unmasking continues... https://m.facebook.com/christopher.m.brown.754 … https://web.archive.org/web/20210213190306/https://twitter.com/SmileyRiley_H/status/1360665747870081026
  2. As bad as king was and as bad as I think the FG call was, the Pack had the ball down 5 on back to back possessions and went 3 and out both times...
  3. Really thought the pack had a good shot this year. Chances just took a big blow IMO
  4. No need to re-sign Jones. Spend that money elsewhere. Williams and Dillon are capable enough.
  5. I accidentally just dropped Billy Hamilton while trying to make roster moves on my phone. @RnRcan you please re-add him
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