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  1. FYI only - Federal, Remington, CCI and Speer ammo will have a 3-15% price increase across all products effective 4/1/2021. This price increase is from the manufacturers due to raw material price increases as well as labor and health care costs increases. Don't shoot the messenger, just thought I'd share a letter that was sent out. I am sure others will follow suit...
  2. Thinking of dropping these 2 guys as I cannot depend on them if started. Am I crazy? I have Brady and Winston at QB so adding a Rivers, Dalton or KAllen wouldn't provide much upside. My RBs are Chubb, Carson, Penny, Conner, Snell. Mattison, Coleman; My WRs are Thomas, Thielen, JuJu, Westbrook, Metcalf and Watkins; TE is Andrews RB Available: ADP, Edwards, Mostert, Ajayi, Gore, Mal Brown WR Available: Shepherd, AJBrown, Pascal, Stills, AJGreen, ATate, Sanu TIA
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