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  1. JavWilliams or Claypool 0-2 and team Im playing had CAR Def and Cooks =so Im already down by 30....
  2. I have both as well. Seriously considering starting both.... Kinda like 2020 Chubb/Hunt....
  3. This may be a situation similar to the Browns RB (Chubb and Hunt) in 2020. Both are viable starters. I drafted Zeke at 7 and Pollard later to protect investment. I may have to start thinking along these lines....
  4. I am torn whether to hold on to Jerry Juedy or cut him loose. Historically, players never really come back from a high-ankle sprain the same season injured to pre-injury form. Allot of what separates Juedy from others is his excellent route running and cuts. I just wonder if it will be a weekly "will he play and how effective" after 4-6 weeks... Thanks in advance!
  5. Zeke just comes off as dumb IMO. He is permanently attached to Dak's tail... I know they are BFF but damn....
  6. I'm at 7 in a 10-team PPR and would be happy with this. I would like a better RB2 though....
  7. Our 10 team PPR FFL had this very thing happen last year with a team. He had the #1 overall pick though. Took CMac who go hurt. He took Mahomes and Kelce next. Got Waller later in Rd 5/6 I think.... He won the league....
  8. I read that the 2 teams are WFT and Indy.... https://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/breaking/ct-nfl-vacccination-rates-20210716-rmhdquuv25ecvohwcyg3drcvo4-story.html
  9. I kinda like this approach. Question: How are divisions determined? I'm assuming redraft ffl - would it be picks 1-5 in one division and 6-10 in other or odd picks in one and even in other? TIA
  10. Bye are an issue in Weeks 13 and 14. Ouch!. WEEK 13 BYES: Cleveland, Green Bay, Tennessee and Carolina WEEK 14 BYES: Indianapolis, Miami, New England and Philadelphia Once we added a week to our schedule, some teams complained about the Week 13/14 bye weeks. I just replied "plan accordingly". Nothing you can do to change things. If they are needin g wins to make playoffs, take that into consideration with backups and late season trades...
  11. We just added a week to regular season and will start playoffs in Week 15.
  12. I know I will get bashed for asking, but can you post the Netipot thread URL? I searched and could not find it. I have allergies and have contemplated trying a netipot but continue taking alegra and using flonase. TIA and sorry if I piss off people for asking...
  13. I've decided not to pick someone right off the bat this season. I want to see the dynamics first. Looks to be an interesting cast. We will see.
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