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  1. Maybe the Rams can figure out a way to keep both involved in each game going forward and then sprinkle in some Jefferson too.
  2. I guess we'll see in a week. If he's in the game then it's mild, if he sits out then maybe not so much.
  3. I have the 4th pick in a contract keeper league and will have my choice of rookies from Javonte, ETN, Chase or Pitts and then vets like Carson, Mike Evans and Robert Woods. I'm really thinking of grabbing Javonte in this format. Contract keeper likely means having this player for the next 3-4 years. Anyone want to take me into anyone specific from this list?
  4. I figured I'm give this a bump now that we're into training camp. Anyone with a new ranking?
  5. How would you rank Swift, Najee, ETN and Javonte for say the next 3 years?
  6. 👍 In the 3 leagues I'm commish we use them, would never go back to just regular W-L standings again.
  7. We use victory points as well so 2 points for a win and 0-1-2 VP depending on where your weekly score holds up.
  8. I should have also stipulated that this is a contract keeper league with the top 6 making the playoffs and the bottom 6 entering into the draft lottery for the next year.
  9. We have 12 teams (no conference or divisions) and play everyone once in weeks 1-11. Then after week 11 we take the standings and group teams 1-4, 5-8 and 9-12. Then in weeks 12-14 you play the 3 opponents within your "group" and then playoffs weeks 15-17.
  10. Taylor Swift Harris Akers Dobbins ETN Williams Gibson CEH Sermon Carter
  11. Now that the 2021 draft is in the books and we've got the landing spots, how would you rank last year and this year's rookie RB's?
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