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  1. Taylor Swift Harris Akers Dobbins ETN Williams Gibson CEH Sermon Carter
  2. Now that the 2021 draft is in the books and we've got the landing spots, how would you rank last year and this year's rookie RB's?
  3. And then New England swoops in from 15 to 8 and takes that QB.
  4. He did say in that interview at his pro day that he's 190 now but physically bigger than when he weighed 195.
  5. Just saw him interviewed on NFLN and he said he's never been over 200 in his life. When asked where those measureables came from he said "you'd have to ask Gophers PR or someone around here".
  6. I have Winston and Hill on my superflex best ball dynasty roster and that's probably about the best and only scenario for this situation right now.
  7. Not a lot of action on the skill position players so far.
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