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  1. Followed by the "how do i get this out of my hair"....
  2. Or maybe they cut off one of his legs or something, left it laying around the park with a bunch of his stuff, and then the assumption would be the gators ate the rest of the guy. Closes the case and Laundrie gets to hop off into the sunset, never to be seen again.
  3. @xulf - awesome report. Your plan just blows my mind. And then you executed it! Just amazing. And did you really count all of those people? That in itself is an amazing feat doing that during the marathon.
  4. Yeah agree. It looked to me like Seager basically was conceding the run there.
  5. They pulled him back after they took the lead. Washington figured he had two chances to get him home with a better hitter.
  6. His manager spooked him a little by having the pinch hitter in the on deck circle.
  7. Do you have some time goals you can post here so we can see if you are on track? We kinda nerd out on this stuff on race day around here. Oh, and your estimated transition times would be helpful also. Thank you!
  8. Get you some! Is there a way to track you during the race?
  9. I ran my ### off in Chicago for my 4:31 and you are going to just skip-to-mah-lou-mah-darlin' this pace after running a marathon the day before. In another city. I hate you.
  10. It's actually my fault. I asked the question initially. Reposted for my best friend @gruecd:
  11. Is Mrs. Gian in position to improve her BQ time so she can actually run Boston? If so, your pacing might be that final push she needs to get it done. I would be inclined to do that if the answer is yes. And would be an awesome gesture on your part. And then make a run for yourself at a fast time next spring when things settle down a bit.
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