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  1. Yeah, sorry guys. I just got excited for a second.
  2. You know it's an effed up day when GTEH is green for the day.
  3. They all suck right now. Been tough to watch. Might buy some more. Like an idiot.
  4. That was so fake. I was looking for the two strings trying to “fly” that vibrator against a grey sheet.
  5. There are roundabouts on my routes while doing the soccer practice runs. I have seizures every time I see one. Thanks @Carmel.
  6. No kidding. All of these ones I have are long term holds apparently.
  7. So, went running last night at my son's soccer practice. Last week on Tuesday was able to squeeze in 7 miles before it got dark and practice ended. Since it's a week later, the light lasts about 10 minutes later, so was able to get in 8.06 miles in - perfect. Loaded it up on strava, saw my pace was 10:15 - pretty close to last week - felt pretty good about myself. Scroll down, and the very first entry is @gruecdand his 8 mile run yesterday - at a 7:45 pace. Me:
  8. Couldn't have said it better myself. @Juxtatarot:
  9. This is the one we bought. Piece of cake to put together and hang.
  10. I sold a few weeks ago. Just needed to get rid of some of these pennies - I was getting caught up in the excitement there for awhile. Took my profits and invested in some of those boring dividend stocks Todem recommended. Just trying to diversify a little more and protect some of these nice gains.
  11. Thanks for this idea. Bought some at .0136 a little bit ago and will see what happens. Been thinking of trying this on DPLS also. Bought some today on their dip and may turn it using the same theory you outlined above. Take some small wins with it while the rest of my free roll just sits there.
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