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  1. Because the Hanson plan is designed to train you for the last 10, not the first 16. The cumulative fatigue training is a powerful thing. I have done both plans - my first two marathons I did the Higdon plan, and the problem with running the 20 miler is you are so damn tired that the runs following that run tend to be pretty rough because your body is recovering from all that time on your feet. Now, I understand the mental aspect of it, but the truth is you are coming into this with an incredible mileage base. If it was me, I would build up and run a 20 miler at an easy pace while you
  2. We did not do a contract for our two boys. But they are well aware of what their boundaries are and what they are not supposed to be doing. We trust them until they make us not trust them.
  3. You ran 13 miles in almost the same time as my 7.25 miles. #HRTrainingSucksBallsSometimes
  4. Anyone else gonna run this fine morning?
  5. Nice. Hopefully La Bomba lights and this blows up for you.
  6. Man, you just hit it on the head for me. In my heart, I KNOW I could get faster if I put in the work. Especially in the time between races. But that means I have to choose running over things I REALLY love: Going fishing, hanging out and watching a ball game with the neighbors, going to the kids practices and sporting events, going on vacation from time to time.... For me to be great at this, I've got to find more time. And I just don't love it enough I guess to go there. But there is still that small part of me that wants to for the same reasons as you: while I still can.
  7. Yeah, that's what overachievers say.....
  8. These are pretty solid choices but I'd still hit Bryant's. Never been a fan of Jack Stack. Their food is good, but the restaurants are just too "nice" for me. I know it sounds stupid, but I just can't go to a BBQ joint where they use cloth napkins. It just doesn't feel right.
  9. Let's see...I have my wife, mom, mother-in-law, and step-mom. I'd say my odds are about 85% I'll screw it up for one of them.
  10. Your new office nickname shall be Racer.
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