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  1. It’s been run watching the golf but I haven’t enjoyed what the Ryder Cup has turned into in terms of the fans. To me, golf has always had an element of class and respect to it. Now it seems the Ryder cup has devolved into which fan base can turn into the most rude and obnoxious over these three days. Seems like the US fans win that competition, sadly.
  2. Why does this bother you so much? It’s just a news event out of a million news events that people get interested in.
  3. cheese and muskies and smallies thats all i need and you can take that to the bank of wisconsin brocheeseamigo...
  4. Is the US down a bunch yet like usual on the first day?
  5. They will soon on the back of my poor performance lately on their NFL plays.
  6. Not really. This Raiders team is different - at least so far. To me they are showing a confidence and swagger that reminds me of the old Raiders teams. And that's pretty scary. They have something the Chiefs don't have right now - attitude. The Chiefs, in my opinion, have gotten a little complacent and are just assuming they can roll the ball out and no matter what happens Mahomes is going to rescue them at the end. That Ravens game for the Chiefs was a gut-punch, because THAT is the game Mahomes usually pulls out at the end, and he didn't this time. This Chiefs team has some weird mojo swirling around them in my opinion. I think they are vulnerable this year, and I'm starting to get the feeling that they are more like the Packers (win one Super Bowl with Rodgers and get close for the next 15 years) than the Patriots (always in the Super Bowl). The Chiefs fancy themselves more like the Patriots. I don't see it. Our GM has made a ton of mistakes in the draft that will really play itself out over the next few years as Mahomes cap number gets more restrictive. Meanwhile, Carr is playing out of his mind and Gruden and Mayock have somehow put together the Island of Misfit Toys with their draft but somehow it just works. And when you add that swagger - watch out. This will be fun to watch for sure. The Raiders are for real, IMO.
  7. Especially the one below. So awesome.
  8. @SWC - sorry to hear about your pops but he sounds like the kind of dad a lot of us including myself wanted to have but never did and the good part about your pops is over your lifetime he took a bunch of memories and deposited them into the National Swcer Bank and Trust and the only guy with the key is you brohan....
  9. The Raiders are going to win this division. That is all. Have a good day, gentlemen.
  10. It's the 'ol look at me without saying look at me trick: "I racked up 5K in fees because I'm a billionaire. With a B"
  11. We love that story grandpa. Tell it again! Tell it again!
  12. I just did one of these Sunday for my son's birthday. I used this recipe. I've done this before and its awesome. I added some lobster tails to mine when I dumped in the shrimp. I didn't add the clams but they aren't readily available here in KC. But I followed that recipe exactly and it was freaking good. Dumped it all out on my patio table on some butcher paper and we all just stood around and chowed.
  13. He'd be better walking into a city than walking around rural areas. A stranger raises the hackles of them normally laid-back country folk.
  14. I think the moral of the story is to quit watching the news.
  15. Let me know when you guys need this to drop again. I'll buy again and it will immediately tank.
  16. The original premise has been proven. Thanks for coming everyone. Now, go away....put down your phone...have a cold beer and go talk to a tree.
  17. So, my 13 year old son had his first cross country meet tonight. I talked him into running so he could in shape for hockey. He’s in the B Group. In this area they have 3 groups - A, B and C. Supposedly this is to separate kids by speed level so kids are placed with similar runners. Clearly the coaches sandbag this because the kid who won the C group ran a 6 minute race. (That one is a one miler). The A and B group runs two mile races. Anyway, I take a quick mental scan of the course on my drive in, so I have a little intel to give him before the race. The course is a rolling hill course, so from the starting line we can see out about where the first mile is. It then turns and you can sight of the runners again at about the 1.25 mile mark. At that point there is a large hill there, and once you crest that hill you have about a half mile downhill to the finish. I point out two large trees at the top of the hill and tell him: ”once you get there, you go and go hard til the end.” I also told him: you are fit for this. If you think you are tired, you aren’t. Push through that and I promise your body will respond. He nods ok and off he goes. The gun goes off and I start the stopwatch on my phone. At the 1.25 mile mark I see the first kid. I start counting kids, and by god I look and immediately recognize his running style - He’s running 4th and about to climb that hill. I started walking toward a corner about 100 yards from the finish. They turn a corner here and then they can see the fans and the finish line at the bottom of the hill. He crests that hill and he’s still running 4th. He’s turning to see where his competition is, and there are 3 kids stacked up about 2 seconds behind. I whisper to myself: “you gotta go kid.” He comes to the corner where I am, and we look at each other right in the eyes and I shout: ”You gotta go. Go now. GO GO GO!!!” He puts in this incredible kick - it damn near made me cry on the spot. And proceeds to smoke those kids down that hill at full sprint. Final Finish: 4th!! Top ten of each group medal. PODIUM!! Unofficial time for two miles: 12:59. Booyah! So proud of him. What a day.
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