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  1. depends on if its ppr or not... fournette is fine for me in non ppr. prefer saquan or kamara in ppr.. also depends on line ups. having brown or hop locked in as your wr 1, and getting the left over of kamara, bark, cook, fourt, hunt, Gordon also is appealing
  2. Guess you gotta brag about thinking your good to get any where on here. No wonder fbg is raising prices like it's going out of style #thisisamerica
  3. I'm interested. 5 auctions. Like to scrap it out with experts and some of the best in the business. Bring it on
  4. pro tip- if you see it in the forum or on espn do the opposite
  5. a lot of sites are getting like this, they think more information is better (not even saying fbg in this case (see it a lot in dfs))... which all it does is give the site more chances to be right which they can use when promoting the site.. (its like the old gambling touts) also, with twitter how much of this information isn't available for free on twitter? or not ever changing by the time an article is posted. i will say though 40 a year for fbg is cheap though for a year of content compared to some of these dfs sites that charge 30 to 40 a month.
  6. I get you don't want to continue to give such a super deep discount for clients (although i am not sure i'd put that in writing) people can take it the wrong way. but why not still offer the 3 year deal at not such an extreme discount, maybe 3 years for 99.99 (not including dfs) or 2 for 99.99 (including dfs). ---- edit I still have 3 years left on my subscription so i have plenty of time to decide what to do.
  7. I call what I do is stars and trust my judgment for lower price guys (mainly rookies) or previous year under performs.
  8. I agree its not capped I disagree with people saying it is.... being opposite a guy who is gonna be doubled a lot, gives player X (key) whoever to have a lot of one on one opportunities. https://raiderswire.usatoday.com/2018/07/30/raiders-bruce-irvin-provides-cautionary-tale-for-rookie-de-arden-key/
  9. his offensive line in college was poor. so yeah it is a concern from a rushing stand point, that d line will have 4 or 5 guys in the league. and it could be more of a reflection on them then him
  10. also add solder for what its worth.. I have zeke in one league, I probably would move him for barkley, if I didn't have odell
  11. seems high for julio with only having 3 touchdowns last year, and 2 of them came in one game,
  12. also from what I remember.... didnt some thing the pats got a sweetheart deal from the chiefs at the time.. former pats gm (pioli etc) they traded cassel and vrabel for pick 34
  13. I have Ware in a dynasty league. and play on playing him this week. couldn't get him in redraft but... if your able to pair him with bell its a cheaper alternative to pairing him with foster, or Williams. .. although it seems like ware price is on the rise this week and C. west is going undrafted
  14. probably not a bad option to pair with Bell if you cant get williams
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