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  1. there should be a handful of worthy interior OLs available in the 2nd round. i'm not necessarily opposed to taking one at 1.20, but damn sure against trading up for one. if quinn went in that direction, i'd be extremely surprised.
  2. Zenner plays special teams, so there's that. Also, somebody isn't making the final 53 at this point. Is it zenner? Washington? Green? Abdullah? We'll have to see, but we're not keeping all of these backs, especially if we draft one.
  3. they could also be looking for an older RB to provide a presence in the RB room and film room. might just be me, but i don't view either abdullah or riddick as the type i'd tell a rookie "see that guy over there? go listen to everything he has to say." just a thought.
  4. david irving with a 2nd round designation. that's something i'd kick the tires on.
  5. still waiting to see if david irving gets tendered at the 2nd round level. he's totally worth a 2nd IMO.
  6. didn't see any blurbs about wilkerson. that'd be sweet, but i have a feeling his price, like suh's, will be prohibitive.
  7. i'm down. as long as the contract isn't absurd like the one he signed in miami.
  8. i'm waiting to see what teez tabor does on the field at this level before i make any judgements. game tape doesn't show him being slow and he's a ball hawk. the lions have more holes than they had picks, so something was going to be neglected and stop-gapped in 2017.
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