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  1. Not sure if it's been posted yet, but I just noticed that Johnny Manziel has been removed from the Yahoo! player database. His career is officially over.
  2. password for Dreamers is newbie12

  3. I'll give you that, even though the majority of people in this thread were against him from day one. You guys were absolutely right, the ship has sailed in terms of him being a topic of football discussion, at least for the foreseeable future.. But it is absolutely sad and pathetic that this here thread has been the most active thread on this board for months now, and all it is is a bunch of middle aged men circle jerking over every piece of gossip/TMZ report like feckless teenage "mean" girls. Why not move this thread to FFA?
  4. The joy that some of you seem to exude over this kid's life spiraling out of control is quite sad and pathetic. Misery loves company I suppose.
  5. Looks like Terrell Owens and Desean Jackson sued him, is it possible that every agent gets sued eventually? And it's not like those two are the first names that come to mind when I hear respect. I was talking more about teams/FO's in that context, I thought it was a given that the players do. But still, you are right, that small point that I made as part of a larger point that was topical to the conversation was not completely true. I have no idea if he respected or not. I should of said he's successfully negotiated around 270M (I think) in contracts during this NFL free agency period.
  6. Yes I am. DR is highly respected, very much in demand and doesn't need the headache. There isn't even a guarantee he'll receive a payday at this point.
  7. This is a great move for Manziel, and this is Rosenhaus helping Manziel. I'm kind of surprised that DR took him in, I'm sure that he did under a very strict set of parameters. It doesn't mean anything yet, but if you're Manziel it's a start of something positive. If he truly cares about rescuing his career, DR gives him some semblance of credibility and a reset button. He has a ton of work to do before he is even considered by any GM, IMO. I'm pulling for him.
  8. Easiest way to lose all credibility: :lmao:

  9. Is there a reason of some kind for the Bears? Say the Cowboys didn't want Manziel. How many teams would want him? Fox and Manziel doesn't sound like a good match. I'm a native Chicagoan, so follow all the local sports/news feeds. Vegas had posted odds of Manziel going to different teams, the tweet was just Bears-centric.
  10. Just saw on Twitter that the Bears are 25-1 odds of landing Manziel.. Between Cutler and him, the levels of not giving a F would be astounding.
  11. Will someone please buy me a Billy Vegas tee? http://freshbrewedtees-2.myshopify.com/products/the-billy-vegas-t-shirt
  12. Imagine for a second if his wife (or in this case, girlfriend) was linked with a convicted felon HGH dealer.. My god he'd be the worst thing that ever happened to the NFL
  13. His friend was drinking a malt liquor energy drink. We can't have that in the NFL. The shield is better than this.
  14. if you are narrow minded and compartmentalize these things then yeah it's no big deal. But when you look at the big picture and open your mind it's a rather easy situation to see.He should get 10 paddles to his bare behind and then stand in the corner for 15 minutes. I certainly will not condone young adults posting vines of themselves doing nothing wrong.
  15. Gee golly willickers, what in sam hell is that young lad doing videophoning himself talking in cadence to some weird sounding blues number? Johnny Unitas would never do that.
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